With the recent extreme weather, the yard (grassy area) of St. Clement School continues to be a safety issue. The standing water from the rains has now frozen over and the yard is unsafe for students to play on.  The area that we would normally use for outdoor recesses, when the yard is inaccessible, is consumed by our elevator renovations. Therefore, in order to avoid indoor recesses, we are going to block off the back half of the parking lot for students to use when the yard is unsafe and until we are able to use the area blocked off by the renovations.  We thank the parish and Father Koziak for his support with this. Please support the safety of our students. Do not drive into the parking lot and be respectful of the church by preserving the front half of the parking lot for the parishioners. If you do need to pick your child up at school, kindly continue to use the side streets to park (obey all street signs). Thank you for your continued support and flexibility during our renovations.