If greening the Township, planting trees, hiking, going to a concert or learning about gut health speaks to you be would love for you to join us!!  Details are in the Woolwich Healthy Communities Newsletter and poster attached. 

Leave a green legacy by coming to the Kick Off of the Woolwich Greening Initiative on May 4th

Hear the Local Vocals and the Breslau, Bloomingdale, Maryhill Band following Community Can Dine at Trinity United Church on Saturday, May 10th .

Dr. Emma Allen-Vercoe, the presenter on Gut Health, was featured on the Nature of Things and has done a TEDx talk on the links between gut health and autism, depression, and health in general.  Join us on April 24th.  Everyone is welcome at no charge and there is no need to register. 

If hiking is your passion join us to explore the trails in Woolwich Township.

See the attachment for more information.

WHC newsletter 2019