Construction at St. Clement School:

Construction is near completion! It is so exciting to see the final touches being completed. The school looks so bright and fresh!

Gym Floor: The gym floor is completed! It will be ready to receive students on Monday after the adhesives dry. We will continue to enjoy the nice weather while we can, for outdoor gym classes. However, during inclement weather days and/or when the colder weather moves in, the gym will be used for physical education classes. Follow us on Twitter to see pictures of our gorgeous new gym floor!

Main Entrance:  The main entrance exterior will be completed this upcoming week. All visitors, staff and students will be asked to avoid using the main entrance of the school while the construction is being completed. We have been informed that it will be on Tuesday and Wednesday (weather permitting). All visitors, staff and students will be directed to buzz/ use the new elevator entrance doors (closest to Church street) for access to the building. Please note that it will not affect extended day between 3:45-6:00PM – parents will be given access to buzz extended day and enter and exit the building at the main entrance.

New Crucifix for Classrooms: A new Crucifix were purchased for each classroom to commemorate the renovation! Father Ireneusz blessed each of the crucifix and they are hung in each classroom. Follow us on Twitter to see the pictures!

Staff Update:

The presence of and concerns around COVID-19 have continued to present a number of challenges to the start of our school year and planning processes. As a result of the recent Learning Environment Transition Survey, a change has affected our school staff and we had to declare an Early Childhood Educator surplus.  We say good-bye, for now to Ms. Souto (RECE) as she moves to a new role within the board. I know she will embrace this role just as she has as RECE here at St. Clement. We will look forward to your return to our team!


Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences: We will be hosting formal Parent/Student/Teacher conferences virtually in November after Progress Reports have gone home. More information will be communicated to families as the date approaches. Your patience is appreciated as we continue to do our very best to support student safety, wellness

Celebrating Halloween at St. Clement School: Please review the following friendly Halloween reminders:  Students can wear their costume to school – or they can wear orange and black if they would prefer. Costumes should not include face masks, weapons, blood, violent or offensive content to allow for the day to be enjoyable for all age groups in our school community.  Students are asked not to bring weapons or wear masks (other than the mandatory COVID-19 masks). Due to COVID-19 restrictions we will not be able to have the Halloween parade and we cannot have shared treats. Children are allowed to bring a treat for themselves only. Since Halloween does not fall on a school day this year. St. Clement school will celebrate Halloween on Friday Oct. 30th.

Inclement Weather:

We will attempt to be outside at recesses even if it is misting or a light drizzle. We will try for even as little as 5-10 minutes, as this is our opportunity for a mask break. So please have your child dress for weather.

ROW Immunization Updates: We are sending out this information at the request of Public Health

Public Health will be offering drive thru immunization clinics for students eligible to receive their school program vaccinations. This includes students who missed their follow up vaccines during the 2019/2020 school year and those eligible in 2020/2021 to start their immunization series.

Clinics will be offered at the Medical Centre at the Boardwalk, located at 435 The Boardwalk, Waterloo starting in October. Options will be made available for those unable to attend the drive thru clinics. Details will be provided to you when you receive your phone call to book an appointment.

The immunization clinics will be offered first to the Grade 7 and 8 students from 2019/2020 who did not complete their immunizations. School program immunizations for the 2020/21 cohort of Grade 7 students will begin in early January 2021. Clinics will extend through the summer months.

Parents/students will be contacted directly to book these appointments between October and December. Please do not call the Public Health office to book your appointment.

School program vaccines are also available through local health care providers. Please call your health care provider if you wish your child to receive their vaccine using this route.

Parents/students are able to access immunization records and submit immunization information via ICON. Details can be found on our website or by using the link: Public Health can be contacted for assistance or if students do not have a health card at 519-575-4400 ext.5001.


Details and directions regarding the catch-up clinics and the 2020/2021 school year immunizations are also posted on our website (


If your child has received their vaccinations or if you need to access your child’s immunization record, please visit our Public Health website ( ) or call 519-575-4400 ext. 5001

Umbrella Project
Focus your mental efforts on the positive using gratitude.
Does your child struggle with more of a focus on the negatives than the positives?  Daily gratitude can help set a more positive tone, boost self-esteem and improve their mood and outlook
Check out our video this week to learn more about how this can be applied.

Parish Updates

If you have any questions regarding mass at St. Clement Church or sacramental preparation, please reach out to St. Clement Church at 519-699-4425

Recess/ Physical Education / Daily Physical Activity:

As per previous communication, we have received word from the board office that we are okay to introduce some equipment back into recess and to Physical Education as well. This has been done with some specific protocols and restrictions in place as per direction from the board. Please see the basics below and know that your child’s teacher will review the rules and regulations with students regularly.

·        Individual equipment is allowed – students may bring a piece of equipment from home to play with at recess

·        Still no games – no soccer games, basketball games etc. – as this would prevent attention to social distancing

·        No equipment that requires hands or sharing (e.g. basketballs CAN be used but by one person, no passing back and forth, no goalies/shots on goalies)

·        Stay in your zones, stay distant from others, sanitize your hands before and after recess (the usual)

·        Equipment must be disinfected after recess

·        Equipment must be stored in a bog from home and not on shelves/floor etc.

Please understand how challenging it is for us to tell students NOT to share or pass a ball, or to include others as it goes against all of the philosophies and teachings. However, during this pandemic, this will be the message to students and we look forward to the day when this is not the case.

Upcoming Important Dates:

Wednesday Oct. 21st – Bus Driver Appreciation Day

Thursday Oct. 22nd – ECE appreciation Day

Thursday Oct. 22nd – Spirit Wear Thursdays – Don’t forget to wear our school colours blue and /or gold or other Spirit Wear!


Have an amazing weekend…go out and enjoy God’s beauty… the gorgeous fall colours.