Student safety is of primary importance to all members of the St. Clement community. Thank you to all parents who have been walking their children to and from school, as well as to those who are safely dropping off and picking up children from school property. We recently had two close incidents of student safety and vehicular traffic and therefore are asking that you carefully read this message.

Although we encourage all students who don’t qualify for bussing to walk to school, the following are the guidelines that we expect of all parents/caregivers who drive students:


  1. Church Parking lot use is restricted to parishioners, staff, and those who are coming into the school to volunteer or for a meeting. The Church parking lot is not safe to drop students off or to pick up at the end of the day.
  2. The roadways that surround the school are safe pick up and drop off spots as well as the parking lot between the Community Library and the church rectory. Charles street may be your best drop off / pickup area. Please park on the street and walk your child safely to the school. Follow the signs posted in front of the school and on the streets.
  3. Please do not park in front of the buses. This causes delays and can be dangerous for our students.
  4. Please do not block the area where the van/bus for special transportation loads and unloads.
  5. When walking your child into the school please avoid walking in the middle of the church driveway entrance. Instead the safest way to enter our building is down the sidewalk on Lobsinger Line to the sidewalk that leads to the school and then stick to the side of the driveway until reaching the playground.
  6. Lastly, a reminder that there are no supervisors on the yard before 8:35 AM and that students are not to arrive before this time.

Thank you to the families that follow the safety rules at St. Clement School. We appreciate all that you can do to keep our students safe and St. Clements a safe place for all.