In light of the Ministry of Education’s announcement that schools will remain closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year, the WCDSB is asking for students to retrieve their personal items from our school tomorrow and Thursday.

On behalf of the board, I apologize for the last minute notice. We have been given the opportunity to keep the renovations plans going by clearing out the school quickly.

Your child will be provided an opportunity to access the school to  retrieve all personal items and return school items (i.e. text books, library books, classroom books, etc.) at this time. Only School borrowed Chromebooks from students in Grade 8 or those not returning to St. Clement in September need to be returned.

Structured times for students to access the school can be arranged by completing the on-line schedule. Possible pick up times will be scheduled in these time slots but will fill up when a maximum number of students in the school has been reached at any time.

Wednesday, June 3rd from 1:00 PM-8:00 PM 

Thursday, June 4th from 8:00 AM -4:00 PM 

Individuals have the choice to wear a non-medical mask or face covering. To respect social distancing protocols: no outdoor supervision will be provided during pickup hours and school playgrounds remain closed; families are asked not to congregate in areas and leave the school immediately once their scheduled appointment is over; Only families with scheduled appointments will be permitted to access  the school and only during their  appointment time.

We will ensure that health and safety protocols are followed such as physical distancing and limit the number of students who are on site at any given time. To limit the number of people in the building and to maintain health and safety measures, students may be accompanied by one adult only. Students with their adult will be provided access to the school for 10 minutes and must enter through the main entrance of the school. At the main entrance, there will be a location to drop off library books, textbooks, and look through the lost and found   and exit through their recess doors. This is to ensure that our school is maintained to a high standard of cleanliness and sanitization.  Students will proceed to their classroom and retrieve the contents of their desk and any clothing items. Any medications that students have had stored at the office need to be picked up at the office. Students are asked to understand that the teachers are there busily packing up their own classrooms in preparation for the construction and are not available for conversations and socializing.

Please do not come to the school if you or your family members are experiencing signs or symptoms of COVID-19. If you find yourself in this situation, alternate arrangements can be explored with me as to how essential items might be transferred to you.

Access is prohibited to anyone who is exhibiting​ symptoms of COVID-19  or has had close contact with a confirmed case.  All individuals must complete the self-assessment tool prior to arrival:

Thank you for your understanding and support through these challenging circumstances.

Please access our on-line appointment times here:

Please abide by the following:

o    Only ONE parent/guardian and your child(ren) can enter the school.

o    There will be no outdoor supervision and the playground is closed.

o    Bring your own bag  to collect student items. 

  • Parents/Students/Staff must enter through the main doors and exit through the door the student uses for recess.

o    Unclaimed items will be donated to charity after the final pick-up day, other than in very unique circumstances.

    • Any medication stored in the main office will also be available for pick-up at the same time in the main office.
    • Parents can leave textbooks and Chrome books  at the door to the classroom or other designated location for storage. Note only Chrome Books of students that will not be returning to our school because they have moved are in grade 8 are required to be returned at this time

o    Parents will be reminded that this is not an interview, or a time for prolonged conversations, please pick-up your student’s belongings in a timely fashion. Physical distancing must be maintained at all times

o    Unclaimed items will be donated to charity after the final pick-up day, other than in very unique circumstances.

o    During designated pick-up days, staff may not be available for online learning.

o   Students are asked to return library books, textbooks or classroom borrowed books

o   If there are parents/guardians whose health leaves them vulnerable to COVID-19, arrangements can be made to have a separate pick-up date. Please make arrangements directly with the Principal –

o    Anyone waiting for their designated time slot should be directed to waiting or line-up area with appropriate physical distancing – spaced 2 meters apart.

o   Parents will use the Parent-Teacher Schedule software through Microsoft Bookings to book times to come into the school.   If there are any questions or concerns, please contact the school administrative assistant

o   Families will sign up for 10-minute intervals to retrieve student’s personal belongings

Thank you for your understanding and assistance at this time.