Good Morning Saints!

I want to share with you information to clear up any misconceptions about student illnesses.

Please know that our goal is to keep children in the classroom and learning, but this has to happen in a safe and healthy manner.

Each morning we ask that you complete the School Screening Survey from the Ministry of Public Health. This is to be done each morning with every person coming to school – staff and students. At the end of the survey, depending on how you complete it, it will show a green checkmark and tell you to go to school, or a red “x” and let you know that you should not be attending given the reported symptoms. This is the same survey that we will do with your child if they report “not feeling well” to our staff. If the results of this survey state that they can attend, we will send them back to class and add a note to their agenda letting you know to monitor them that evening “just in case”. If the results of the survey state that they can not attend school, we will be calling you to come and pick them up to seek the advice of a Health Care Professional (i.e., a doctor or nurse practitioner), and to follow their advice. If your child has siblings in the school, they will be required to “self-monitor” for symptoms – they no longer have to leave the school as well. This represents a change in direction from Public Health. Another change from Public Health is in regards to runny noses. Students are still required to stay at home with runny noses until their symptoms are gone or at least improving. The change is that a test is no longer needed for a runny nose, unless it worsens or other worsening symptoms develop.

If your child is home with symptom(s) we ask that you call the office each day before 9:00 am, to leave a voicemail and inform us of the health practitioner’s results and/or COVID-19 test results and how your child is doing. Once you have followed up with the office, we will inform you if the child is clear to return to school. 

If you have any questions or are unclear kindly call the office, we’d be happy to assist you.