Dear Saints Families:

I would like to update you on a staffing change. I am informing you that one of our staff members, Mrs. Alvarez, is undergoing treatment for cancer. Mrs Alvarez asked me to share this information with you.

Mrs. Alvarez will be taking an extended leave of absence commencing immediately. Mr. Gassler will continue to cover her Grade 7/8 class while she is away.

You may wish to share with your child that Mrs. Alvarez has cancer and your child may have questions about it. The School Social Worker, our Family of Schools Chaplain and your child’s classroom teacher are available to discuss any concerns with students. You can also learn more about communicating with your child about cancer by visiting

Mr. Gassler and I will endeavor to ensure that your child’s education is not disrupted by these changes and that any of your child’s needs are addressed. Please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns and kindly keep Mrs. Alvarez in your thoughts and prayers.


Yours sincerely,

Mrs. Dafoe