Dear Parents and Caregivers:

Welcome to St. Isidore K-12 Virtual Learning School. We are excited to work with you this year and are looking forward to many exciting learning opportunities.  Currently, we are reaching out to update you on our Elementary and Secondary Virtual Learning. We know there are many questions, and we will try to address some of them here. Our school website is currently under construction on the and will provide you with more information once complete.    

St. Isidore students will be assigned to a qualified WCDSB teacher and will be with other same grade children in a Virtual Learning classroom. This class will have its own digital learning platform (either D2L or Google Classroom) and instruction will occur online through asynchronous and synchronous learning opportunities. The amount of time students will spend in Virtual Learning will be equal to the same amount of time as students who chose in-person learning (approximately 300 minutes/day). Students in both Elementary and Secondary will ‘attend’ school daily between 8:30 am and 3:00 pm. It is expected that students in the Virtual Learning Model participate every day; attendance will be monitored and recorded.  

Ontario curriculum will be taught, assessed and evaluated according to Ministry of Education Curriculum documents and following Growing Success: Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting in Ontario Schools. St. Isidore teachers will provide synchronous learning opportunities which will include a combination of whole class instruction, individual or small group support (video conferencing via Google Meet / Teams, phone calls, etc.), student presentations, mini-lessons and content/skill-based instruction, as appropriate.  

Children who have IEPs or are English Language Learners will continue to be supported and your child’s home school Special Education and ESL staff will work with St. Isidore staff to create or update IEPs and individualized learning plans for students requiring support. Guidance, and social work support will also be provided via your child’s home school.  

Over the next few days, we will continue to staff St. Isidore and create class lists. We have approximately 3100 students selecting the Virtual Learning option and as such this process takes time. During the week of September 8 – 11 teachers will be reaching out to the students in their classes to introduce themselves. Staff will seek to ensure that all students have the necessary technology to support the virtual learning and that they can access the Learning Platforms so that we can begin creating classroom communities. Classes for Elementary students will begin on September 14th, and our secondary students will begin classes on September 17th.   

Once again, we look forward to the opportunity to learn with your children, and we appreciate your patience as we work to ensure a strong start to the coming year.   

Your Administration Team, 

Carla Santomero, Principal

Dawn Butson , Elementary Vice Principal

David Jaeger, Secondary Vice Principal