Shrove Tuesday is soon approaching…Tuesday, February 25, 2020!

Just a friendly reminder to order pancakes by noon on Sunday, February 23, 2020.

The following message is from the ECO Team at St. Clement School…”Did you know that it takes 1000 years for plastic cutlery to break down?”Our Saints ECO club has asked that we make Shrove Tuesday as wasteless as possible to reduce our carbon footprint. They want to avoid using any plastic cutlery, because it is not recyclable.

In response to this, we have asked all students purchasing for Shrove Tuesday to bring their own fork for their pancakes (we are using compostable plates). For those who don’t bring one in, we’re asking students to use their hands and “rip and dip” their pancakes in the syrup on the side. Students can simply wash their hands after.

We are looking forward to Shrove Tuesday and are so proud of the initiatives from our ECO club which is in-line with our Catholic Teachings of being Stewards of the Earth!