Dear Parent/Guardian,

Enclosed is your child’s report card, which is an important reflection of the work done throughout the school year, and the mark, learning skills and teacher comments traditionally give us a fulsome picture about a student’s learning.

In early January, the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association (OECTA) directed its members to withdraw certain administrative services due to the failure to reach a new collective agreement with the government of Ontario. OECTA’s direction to their members includes the following:

  • OECTA members shall not participate in the preparation and inputting of report card comments, including learning skills.
  • Members shall input marks only on the report cards;
  • Kindergarten teachers shall only input one sentence per frame;
  • OECTA members in secondary schools shall not prepare progress report cards.

You will notice that the report card your child has brought home reflects these directives.  With that said, our teachers remain committed to the WCDSB’s strategic direction to nurture a culture of innovation and foster maximum opportunity for success for all. Reporting student achievement (of which report cards are one component) is the result of thoughtful and ongoing assessment and evaluation practices. Teachers continue to display professionalism in this regard and value your role and partnership.

We would encourage you to please read the report card, with care, along with your child, and discuss how it might foster goal-setting as the school year progresses.

We join you in hoping for a speedy resolution to the current labour situation.