Hello Saints,

I sincerely hope that you enjoyed your time on ‘Spring Break’. As announced by the Premier of the Province this past Monday, the return to school this week will be remote. We have done this before and we can do it again! #GoSaints.

What is remote learning? This is learning that occurs when classes are taught ‘at a distance’ and when students and educators are not in a conventional classroom setting. Remote learning takes place in times of extended interruption to in-person learning. Remote learning can be asynchronous OR synchronous and can be taught online through a Learning Management System (LMS), either D2L or Google Classroom. All remote learning information for your child(ren) will be located here.

What is asynchronous learning? This is learning that is not delivered in real-time. Asynchronous learning also allows for the learning to happen on your own schedule. The teacher will post learning content and activities to be completed.  Asynchronous learning may also involve students watching pre-recorded and/or videos as part of the lesson and completing assigned tasks.

What is synchronous learning: This is learning that happens in real-time. Synchronous learning involves the teacher interacting ‘live’ in a virtual place AND at a set time using text, video, or voice communication (i.e., via Google Meet or Microsoft Teams). Synchronous learning time enables educators/staff to instruct and connect with students in both whole class and small group settings.

TODAY: Monday, April 19th ~ Asynchronous Learning Day: This will be our first day ‘back to school’ and students will be engaged in asynchronous learning only. This day will be like our adapted learning ‘Snow Days’. Teachers will post work on their D2L by 10:00 am for students to complete during the day.

Tuesday, April 20th ~ Synchronous Learning Begins: We will proceed daily with our regular school bell times 8:50-3:20 and students will experience both synchronous and some asynchronous learning too within each day. Synchronous teaching & learning involves some time for a lesson and then even some possible asynchronous work for the students with the teacher being available for questions from students, either through email or an open meet link. Attendance will be taken both morning and afternoon. If your child is not going to be present for on line learning, please call the school to let us know by leaving a voicemail – press 1 after calling the school to do so. Our answering machine is available 24 hours a day. Mrs. Williams will be making calls to anyone who is absent from remote learning.

We extend our gratitude to you AGAIN for your continued support and we recognize that you are also doing your best to adapt to the changes and possible challenges. We are working together and we all want what is best for your child. We are equally understanding and compassionate about this learning situation. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your child’s teacher and the school if needed.

Please see the attached Virtual Code of Conduct to further help support your child’s learning remotely.