Hi Saints Families!

What an amazing week we had celebrating what We have been celebrating our first-ever “March Break at School”. Students enjoyed the beach day, character day, St. Patrick’s Day, Throwback Thursday and Superhero Day along with cheering on the staff for our Saints Staff Survivor Game. You can see from the pictures below that “ March Break at School isn’t that bad at all.” Follow us on Twitter for more @stclementsaints

Generous Community Donations: Ladies Baseball Team

A very generous, local ladies baseball team was so happy to give a donation to St. Clement CES because they think the staff and students of St. Clement Catholic Elementary School are amazing (I couldn’t agree more 😊). St. Clement School will be using the money to go towards our Learning Commons as a common place that all of the students access on a daily basis and is going through an update to include more options for technology and learning. Again, a big thank you for their generosity!

Parent Internet Safety Workshop

This parent-only workshop on March 23, 2021 at 8 pm is designed to inform and empower parents in the highly digital age we live in.

Paul Davis, a world-renowned expert on internet safety, will be talking about topics such as Snapchat, Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook,Smartphone and digital trails. He will also speak about cyberbullying,texting, image sharing, online gaming and online security. Interested participants must pre-register using the link below.

Internet Safety Workshop link

More information available in the attachment: Internet Safety with Paul Davis (1)

SAINTS Spirit Wear for sale in the virtual store

Exciting news! Saints can order their spirit wear online. We have a new vendor with many new and exciting designs and options. Check it out at the following link: https://www.stitchgraphix.com/showroomsf.htm

Orders can be placed until April 1st. All payment information is on the site. No charges will be processed to credit cards until April 1st. All items will be delivered directly to your home!

Happy Shopping!

Extra Clothes Needed

It’s that time of year again… With warm weather brings muddy, puddle filled school fields.
We have made announcements requesting students to stay clear of the mud and water while out for recess. We ask that you kindly send extra clothes to school with your child(ren) to keep here at school to avoid the office calling home and having parents drop them off.
Thank you for your cooperation!

Grade 8 Graduation Pictures

The Grade 8 Graduation Photos have been scheduled for Tuesday, April 27th in the morning at St. Clement School. A photographer from LifeTouch will be at the school and all photos will be taken in the school gym. (More information on Grade 8 Graduation to come)

Global Epilepsy Awareness Day

Purple Day is an international grassroots effort dedicated to increasing awareness about epilepsy worldwide. On March 26th annually, people in countries around the world are invited to wear purple and host events in support of epilepsy awareness. We will be honouring this day at St. Clement school and encourage all Saints to wear purple in support.

April Break Stem Camp

An April Break Stem Camp is being offered. Please see the attached poster for details.


Umbrella Project: March Theme: Autonomy

March at the Umbrella Project is focused on the skill that helps us think and do for ourselves, feel that our life is in our control and confidently make our own choices when faced with uncertain situations. This skill is Autonomy.

Offer Constructive Choices

Many times when our children are frustrated it is because they feel they have no choice or power in the current situation. We all thrive when we feel we have some control or choice in our lives and children will often try to seize this power back by making choices anyways. Responding to the situation with meltdowns, anger, yelling, ignoring us, refusing to eat the food they don’t want to and others are our children’s attempt to demonstrate autonomy.

By purposely offering choices to our children we can head off this reaction to feeling powerless and instead help them practice their autonomy in a more healthy way.

Here are a few of the benefits of offering choices to your child whenever possible:

· Improves their problem solving skills

· Helps them feel an internal sense of control over their lives

· Promotes self-regulation

· Teaches them to accept responsibility for their choices

· Minimizes the reactive behaviour that comes with feeling controlled and helps to prevent our children from seeking power in unhealthy ways

Remember, there is often a layer of non-negotiable that exists for children. It’s not an option to, not go to school, for example. In our house, I consider healthy eating a non-negotiable. It’s important to learn that not everything in life is within our control and we often have to work within the parameters of society, workplaces etc. There are however, choices within these situations that can usually be identified and help us to practice our autonomy. At our house, I may add control by getting the kids to help with the family meal plan, or selecting the vegetables that they want in their school lunches. This choice can also be purposely using your Umbrella Skills like empathy or cognitive flexibility. These are always within our power to choose.

Listen in as Dr. Jen gives some ideas for offering constructive choices.

Health & Happiness,

Dr. Jen, The Umbrella Project

Upcoming Important Dates

March – World Autism Month Feb. 19 – March 30 – Tiny Homes – Lenten Promise school wide continues. Donate on CashOnLine

Friday, March 19th 6PM- Last day for Transition survey for the 2021-2022 school year (Remote vs. in-person learning)

Mar 24 – Crossing Guard Appreciation – Thank our crossing guard, Cathy, today, for the wonderful job she does keeping our students safe.

March 26 – Global Epilepsy Awareness Day: Wear Purple

March 26- Student submission for yearbook cover contest due to the office (please see the attachment below for information!)

Yearbook Cover Colouring Contest!-3

Here are some of the great things that happened this week at St. Clement School during March Break Madness!

Monday-Beach Day

Tuesday-Book Character Day

Wednesday-St. Patrick’s Day

Thursday-Retro Day

Friday-Superhero Day