Reminders for the Week for March 28- April 1


“May the Lord always give us hope for the future and the strength to keep going.”
– Pope Francis


Welcome Back everyone! We hope you had a restful March Break with your family and friends. We are grateful for the week we just had to recharge and re-energize for the remaining months of school.  As outlined on the letter from Loretta Notten, shared prior to March break, our return on March 21st brought a few operational changes to the school regarding our COVID safety. Please continue to complete the COVID screening each day and should your child experience any symptoms, they should remain at home and check the online class platform for work.  The screener is updated and will help to guide decision making and can be found here: .

Thank you for your ongoing understanding and support throughout this school year. While the relaxation of some of the protocols is certainly a sign of hope that we are on the way back to a more normal reality, I also recognize that some of our students, families and staff may feel uncomfortable with the shift in our response to COVID-19. Please continue to be mindful of this as we move ahead. It has been a tremendously stressful couple of years for everyone and I do not want to overlook the challenges that we will face through the post-pandemic period. While students, staff, and visitors are no longer required to wear masks in the school building, some people may continue to wear their masks, and we encourage everyone to make a choice that is going to help them feel safe.  We have to be mindful not to engage with or judge others if their views do not align with our own.  We can kindly remind our child(ren) of the same.  Whether someone chooses to continue wearing a mask or not, we are all responsible to be respectful and inclusive towards each other.

We have accomplished so much together through this past fall and winter and now Spring is here! We are grateful we still have many great days of learning ahead. There are may important reminders over the next few weeks, especially as we continue on our Lenten journey and prepare for the celebration of death and resurrection of Jesus.


Please refer to this week’s information and reminder updates below:


Updates About COVID-19 Protocols  

  • The COVID-19 school and child care screening tool has been updated (March 9th) with new isolation requirements for household members. Please be sure to follow the instructions in the screening tool. While families are not required to provide confirmation of screening results to the school each day, please continue to complete the school screening tool daily, follow its advice, and keep your children home if they are sick.
  • Students will experience loosening of distanced seating, cohorting and some classrooms will return to less restricted practices of teaching, collaborating and communicating.
  • Rapid tests are available for use if any student is feeling symptomatic. If you have a symptomatic child and you would like a rapid test, please contact the main office and we will provide one for you.  We will not administer these tests at school, but can provide them to you in most cases, to complete at home.
  • All athletics and extracurriculars can now begin to fully resume.

 Mental Health

It has been a difficult two years – challenging in a variety of ways for many of us. The stress and anxiety we are already experiencing are compounded by global events – and certainly the news of war and violence around the world can shake our own sense of security, heightening feelings of fear, helplessness and vulnerability. Student Mental Health Ontario have provided resources for supporting students in response to world events: Ways-to-Support-Students_World-Events and Supports for Parents and Families

 Weather Reminders

With the dawning of Spring, we know that the weather can vary greatly not only day to day, but by the hour. Please ensure that your child(ren) has proper attire for all types of weather including outdoor shoes and/or rain boots as our field can be quite muddy. Having children dress in layers is a practical way to make sure they are dressed appropriately for any outdoor weather conditions.  Please have your child pack an extra pair of pants and socks just in case!

 Congratulations Saints Staff!

Thank you to Ms. Fedy, Ms. McGivern, Ms. Good, Ms. Milardovic, Ms. Burtenshaw, Mr. Ouellette, Ms. D’Arcy, Ms. Kirby, Ms. Vecchio, Ms. Robles, Ms. Dietrich and Ms. Dafoe for participating in the WCDSB STAFF STEPS CHALLENGE. They were challenged to get in as many steps as they could over a series of weeks to increase their mental and physical health. Proudly, our school was in the top 4 for the school board and we won equipment for our gym and physical education programs for our students! Way to go, Saints Staff!

Lenten Reflections

As we continue our journey towards Easter, we are encouraged to ask ourselves 2 questions: What nourishes us? How can we nourish others?

God invites us all to the feast and wants desperately to nourish us. He also wants us to be there to nourish others. What is it in your day that provides your nourishment?

If you feel nourished, take some time to THANK GOD for what you have been given. If you do not feel nourished, have the COURAGE to ASK GOD for what you need. He wants to provide for us. He wants to nourish us. He wants to make sure that we feel as though we are invited to the table. Happy Lent!

Lenten Liftoff

The Catholic Parent Involvement Committee(CPIC), is pleased to present Lenten Liftoff, a series of faith formation activities to support parental engagement funded by the Ministry of Ontario Pro Grants.

We are once again excited to present the series “Formed” which will be the foundation of activities supporting our deeper understanding of the season of Lent. The subscription will feature Friday Night Faith Flicks along with resources to support family discussion. Lenten booklets will also be available shortly and more information will follow soon.  Please join us in sharing the message of these free resources and content to support our families over the winter months.

Parents who are interested in receiving a free subscription to Formed and to receiving weekly Lenten Liftoff faith activities, can sign up by registering their name and email HERE.

Sent to Build

 This year, The Waterloo Catholic School Board celebrates our pastoral theme “Sent to Build” . With this theme staff and students are exploring and engaging with how to Build Bridges to Unite communities. When we come to know and experience Christ, we feel compelled to be in the right relationship with our Neighbour.

Community Bridge coming Monday, March 28!

 Our school will host a WCDSB community bridge from March 28 – April 15. The arrival of the bridge to our school is very timely as we prepare our hearts for Easter. Let us remember that Pope Francis calls us “…to build relationships that are life-giving.” We will participate in activities, prayers and a presentation of the St. John Bible to the Junior/Intermediate students and provide Saints with an opportunity for reflection about their own actions, but more importantly how they can influence others in a positive way. We hope April at St. clement will be marked by a renewed effort to “transform hearts and minds” as we Build Bridges not only within our school, but across the WCDSB and into our greater communities. Let’s get building, Saints!

 Pray for Peace in Ukraine ~ Interfaith Prayer Service

As we all are transfixed by the tragedy in Ukraine, we want to offer our support and assurances of prayer to the people of Ukraine.  We are sharing this open invitation to attend an Interfaith Prayer service for Peace in Ukraine.  This service has been organized by Fr. Myroslaw Tataryn of the Holy Transfiguration Ukrainian GC Church,
Fr. Myroslav Shmigelsky of St. Sophia Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Waterloo, along with the assistance of Fr. Vivek of St. Anthony Daniel R.C. Church in Kitchener.


The service will be held on Monday, April 4, 2022 at 7 p.m at St. Anthony Daniel Parish, 29 Midland Drive, Kitchener.


All Are Welcome!

HOLD THE DATE: St. Clements Catholic School Advisory Committee would like to invite you to a Virtual Parent night featuring Dr. Jen Forristal of the Umbrella Project. : April 12, 2022

The Umbrella Project & St. Clements CES

The Umbrella Project (UP) is excited to continue their partnership with St. Clements CSS to empower their community to build a shared understanding of how to tell a more powerful story about their wellbeing, and celebrate a culture of positive coping.

1 live virtual parent session on Tuesday, April 12, 2022 at 6:30 p.m

Summary of Session

Parenting to Build Resilient Children

Presented by: Dr. Jen

In this workshop, Dr. Jen will provide five simple steps to build and sustain strong and resilient children. This will include strategies and activities to further enhance a child’s understanding of their coping skills and how to put them to practice. These methods will specifically consider the unpredictable and challenging nature of our current environment.

Please see attached for the registration details:



Parish Message:


 First Confession – Saturday, April 9 at 11 am (church)

First Holy Communion – Sunday, April 24 at 11:30 am


Spring Testing Dates

In the upcoming months, three tests will take place for some of our students.  Below are the dates and we would ask  that you mark your calendars and avoid booking appointments on these dates, if at all possible, to avoid interruptions during these testing dates.   


The Waterloo Catholic District School Board is administering the Canadian Cognitive Abilities Test (CCAT) to Grade 4 students throughout the system. This test is a valuable tool for educators and parents and assists us toward further identifying your child’s learning strengths and needs. The test will be spread over 3 days (three subtests ranging from 30 – 60 minutes each) and is composed of a verbal, non-verbal and quantitative battery. This assessment will take place over a 3 day period. The purpose of the CCAT is to:

  1. Identify your child’s areas of strength and areas of need,
  2. Provide information about your child’s learning style(s),
  3. Provide direction to your child’s teacher on instructional methods, learning materials and the pace of instruction.



CAT-4 is a standardized test which measures achievement in the basic skills generally taught in schools across Canada. CAT is a set of tests on reading, mathematics, language, writing and spelling. The results of students tested with CAT are compared with those obtained from large, representative samples of students from across Canada. Their results can also be compared to curriculum expectations. CAT is the only Canadian owned and Canadian designed national test. In addition to its use by schools, part of CAT has been chosen by statistics Canada as the basis for tracking achievement over time. If you wish your child to not participate in the testing, please notify your child’s classroom teacher by April 8, 2022.


This year’s cohorts of Grade 3 and Grade 6 students will participate in the Primary and Junior EQAO testing. The testing is spread over 3 school days. EQAO’s Assessments of Reading, Writing and Mathematics, Primary and Junior Divisions are curriculum-based standards-referenced large-scale assessments. They measure student learning of the knowledge and skills that are defined in the expectations in The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 1–8: Language (2006) and The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 1–8: Mathematics (2020). We will be forwarding our specific dates of testing for St. Clement School once confirmed. Sample Assessments: Students, parents and educators have the opportunity to become familiar with the digital assessment and its platform through EQAO’s online Grades 3 and 6 sample assessments. Grade 3 Sample Assessment:  Grade 6 Sample Assessment:

Grade 8 students and parents

 We are so excited that our Grade 8 Graduation hoodies came in for our students that ordered them. This will be a nice way for the students to commemorate their time here as a Saint. (My daughter still wears her hoodie and she is in second year of university!)

 Another piece of exciting news is that the COVID protocols have been lessened for Grade 8 graduation ! We are so excited that we can celebrate with the students in the way it should be. Mrs. Alvarez will be providing further information once we secure the dates with Father Ireneusz.

Please visit the following link to questions and answers regarding de-streaming: De-Streaming-FAQ-1.pdf and De-Streaming-ML-Translations-1.pdf

Please see the registration information for transition to high school

HeadStart to Grade 9 – St. Louis Adult Learning and Continuing Education

SESSIONS Reminder: HEADStart is a summer program and not mandatory, however participants have registered separately for this summer program.. Morning Group OR Afternoon Group. 4 days at end of August to be determined / time frames to be confirmed. Get a HEADStart to Grade 9 is offered at all five Catholic Secondary Schools with the Waterloo Catholic District School Board.

Junior Kindergarten Registration: 

Is your little one school aged and ready to come to school?  Registration is now open.  Please register online or call the office to set up a virtual appointment to walk you through the online registration process.

Kindergarten registration for the 2022– 2023 school year is happening now! No experience needed


Children born in 2018 are eligible for JK/Year 1 Kindergarten


  Children born in 2017 are eligible for SK/Year 2 Kindergarten. (*You do NOT need to re-register if your child is already at St. Clement.)  
  Once you have completed your online registration please contact the schools main office 519-699-5271 to finish your registration  
  WCDSB Updates

Please visit our School Board Website for updates and recent information.  Here is the link:

Families are reminded to check the WCDSB website regularly for updates on our Operational Guidelines.  Please know families can review the Ventilation Report for schools and/or the Board should you wish to have more information:

Umbrella Project: Did you know… students are encouraged daily to show their Saints Umbrella Skills. Staff recognize students showing their skills for the month. Students from each class will be recognized and celebrating for their skills and receive a BRAG TAG for their backpack.

Umbrella Project: Theme for the Month of March: Purpose

This month we are going to work with students to learn about purpose and their meaningful contribution to the world. As we always say at the Umbrella Project, all of the skills are important and work best together! The happiest kids are able to understand their own needs and their contribution to the bigger world around them.

Help your child set their own goals, and follow through

Following through is key to developing purpose. We all have great ideas that would help with developing purpose. Unfortunately, busy school and activity schedules keep these ideas from realization.

Many of the expectations of education confine kids to a set of goals that aren’t their own.  Mandatory projects, studying, and school expectations dominate a kid’s time. This leaves little time in the day to develop a sense of purpose and follow through on those optional goals.

Make sure you check in with your child to learn what they care about. Prioritize their personal, optional goals at the same level as the mandatory ones. Help your child learn to set their own goals. Then, break these goals down into small, manageable steps that will fit into their schedules.

Health & Happiness,

Dr. Jen, The Umbrella Project

Here are some great things that happened recently at our school, please follow us on Twitter @stclementsaints for more information about these and other exciting news:

In celebration of world Down Syndrome Day, Saints wear mismatched and colourful socks. 

Our Unlearn poster arrived during March break! Unlearn’s mission is to educate and inspire and provoke thought to inspire positive change.


Saints participate in their Lenten liturgy this week.


Some funky socks in celebration of World Down Syndrome Day! Saints are looking funky!

Happy Crossing Guard Day, Cathy! Thank you for helping us get to and from school safely! #LOVEMYGUARD


Saints love Spirit Wear Days!

St Clements honours Earth hour day today. #OurCarbonFootprint

Saints won for our awesome tweets on Bell Let’s Talk Day. Each student receives their very own “Stress Star”.


School Calendar:  (please use this address to access our school calendar for all upcoming and future events).

March 25 – The Feast of the Annunciation (Lady Day) – Annunciation commemorates the day Jesus’ mother, Mary, was visited by an angel to inform her that she was blessed and chosen to be the mother of Christ.


March 25 – April 15 – St. Clement hosting our WCDSB community bridge.


March 28 – Global Epilepsy Awareness Day at St. Clement: an international grassroots effort dedicated to increasing awareness about epilepsy worldwide. (March 26th – is the international day of recognition) – Saints are encouraged to wear purple to show your support



March 30 – Hot Lunch Day


March 31 – Spirit Wear Day – Saints are encouraged to wear their spirit wear and/or Blue and gold!


April 1st – Autism Acceptance and Awareness Day – (National World Autism day is on Saturday April 2) -Saints are encouraged to wear bright colours to show their support.


April 8 – PA Day – no school for students / Ministry and Board Directed priorities for teachers.


April 9 – First Confession – 11 AM – contact the parish for further information


April 15 – Good Friday – School holiday


April 18 – Easter Monday – School holiday


April 24 – First Holy Communion – 11:30 AM – contact the parish for further information


May 2-6 Catholic Education Week


May 23- Victoria Day – School holiday


June 3 – PA Day –  no school for students / Ministry Directed priorities for teachers.


June 27- Term 2 Report Card Distribution Date


June 29 – Last day of school