The Lord is risen! Let us lift up our gaze, remove the veil of sadness and sorrow from our eyes, and open our hearts to the hope that God brings! ~ Pope Francis 2022

We celebrate Jesus’ resurrection from the dead and ultimately the triumph of good. Our focus is on the RISEN CHRIST!  Jesus has risen and now sits at the right hand of the Father in Heaven!  His promise to us is kept!  It is a wonderful day and a wonderful opportunity for us to say Thank You to God!

This week was Earth week, we continue to work to change the narrative from “I” to “We”, focusing on how we as a community can make our Earth sustainable for everyone. This requires us to sacrifice convenience. We can make simple choices to do our part: bring a reusable water bottle to school, stop the use of single use plastics, reduce, reuse and recycle, walk or ride when you can and reduce water consumption. Saints embraced this week as our commitment as Catholics to stewardship of this earth we share.


Please refer to this week’s information and reminder updates below:


 Daily Student Screening Protocols / Rapid Antigen Test Kits 


Please continue to complete the COVID screening each day and should your child experience any symptoms, they should remain at home and check the online class platform for work.  The screener is updated and will help to guide decision making and can be found here:  COVID-19 school and child care screening tool  Please be sure to follow the instructions in the screening tool. While families are not required to provide confirmation of screening results to the school each day, please continue to complete the school screening tool daily, follow its advice, and keep your children home if they are sick.

A reminder to parents and guardians that Rapid Antigen Tests are still available in our school office, upon request. As outlined by the Ministry of Education, Rapid Antigen Tests are a voluntary option for students and staff who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. To request a Rapid Antigen Test Kit, please contact the school office.


Year Books Are on Sale!
To order your copy please go to the Lifetouch website,, using the Yearbook ID code 14376822. The cost is $20. Order Deadline is April 30th, so don’t delay, order today!  For details please see the attached flyer
St. Clements CES – Year Book Flyer

Track and Field – students in Grades 4-8

As part of their Physical Education program, our students in Grades 4 to 8 will have an opportunity to participate in our school Track & Field Meet, taking place at Saint David Catholic Secondary School, on Tuesday, May 17th A letter and permission form will be sent home from your child’s classroom teacher, outlining important information.  Each student is asked to bring the form completed back to school.

Spring Testing  

In the upcoming months, three tests will take place for some of our students.  Below are the dates and we would ask that you mark your calendars and avoid booking appointments on these dates, if at all possible, to avoid interruptions during these testing dates.   


This year’s cohorts of Grade 3 and Grade 6 students will participate in the Primary and Junior EQAO testing. The testing is spread over 3 school days. EQAO’s Assessments of Reading, Writing and Mathematics, Primary and Junior Divisions are curriculum-based standards-referenced large-scale assessments. They measure student learning of the knowledge and skills that are defined in the expectations in The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 1–8: Language (2006) and The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 1–8: Mathematics (2020). We will be forwarding our specific dates of testing for St. Clement School once confirmed. Sample Assessments: Students, parents and educators have the opportunity to become familiar with the digital assessment and its platform through EQAO’s online Grades 3 and 6 sample assessments. Grade 3 Sample Assessment:  Grade 6 Sample Assessment:


May 12th: Moosehide Campaign: 

St. Clement will be participating in a school-wide Moosehide Campaign on May 12th to support reconciliation and help end violence against all women and children. On Moose Hide Campaign Day, we will participate virtually and hear from inspiring speakers and workshop facilitators, take part in ceremony and the #FastToEndViolence. We will wear and share the moose hide pin and teachers will be participating in activities with their classes.


Junior Kindergarten Registration: 

Is your little one school aged and ready to come to school?  Registration is now open.  Please register online or call the office to set up a virtual appointment to walk you through the online registration process.

  Kindergarten registration for the 2022– 2023 school year is happening now! No experience needed
  Children born in 2018 are eligible for JK/Year 1 Kindergarten
  Children born in 2017 are eligible for SK/Year 2 Kindergarten. (*You do NOT need to re-register if your child is already at St. Clement.)
  Once you have completed your online registration please contact the schools main office 519-699-5271 to finish your registration
Did You Miss the Parent Night Presentation from DR JEN of the UMBRELLA PROJECT?

St. Clement community had a parent presentation from Dr. Jen of the Umbrella project.

If you missed it, here is the link: we have a 30-day replay. Also attached are PDF to the Umbrella Assessment that Dr. Jen mentioned in her presentation.


Here are some other links that parents may be interested in as well.



Summer Learning For Students

Waterloo Catholic District School Board is committed to supporting your child’s continued learning.  In July and August this year, there are a number of learning options available for elementary and secondary students that will ignite, support and challenge student towards success and preparation for the next grade.  Find the programs listed by date and grade that best suit your child’s needs


Please visit our School Board Website for updates and recent information.

Here is the link:



Plan and problem-solve:

We can’t avoid challenges in life. You can help your child learn problem-solving skills and organization skills at an early age. These activities can help!


Umbrella Project: Did you know… students are encouraged daily to show their Saints Umbrella Skills. Staff recognize students showing their skills for the month. Students from each class will be recognized and celebrating for their skills and receive a BRAG TAG for their backpack.

Transported Student Survey & Walk Zone Student Survey

We are asking parents and/or guardians to participate in a survey about their student’s journey to school. The purpose of the surveys is to get a better understanding of the thoughts and opinions of the student’s journey to school. We have created surveys for students using the school bus and for students who use other forms of transportation like walking or biking to school. Our goal is to enhance the student’s experience and to improve our services in the future. The survey typically takes 5 minutes to complete and will be open until Friday, June 10th, 2022.


If you have any questions in regards to the surveys please call  (519) 744-7575, extension 221 or email
Thank you for providing your feedback. We appreciate the time you have taken and will actively use it to improve our services to you in the future!
Student Transportation Services of Waterloo Region (STSWR)
Transported Students Survey
Students in the Walk Zone

Umbrella Project: Theme for the Month of April: Cognitive Flexibility

This month our focus is on building cognitive flexibility.

Mix up your routine for a more flexible brain

Does your child thrive on routine? Do you and the school go out of your way to make the world predictable for them? While I’m all for a good bedtime routine, sometimes we can take this too far and prevent our children’s minds from building the confidence to deal with uncertainty.

I see many kids in my practice who struggle with stepping outside their comfort zones and the natural tendency is to alleviate anxiety by keeping things the same and creating routines that the childs’ brain can predict. While this may work to reduce anxiety in the short term, it doesn’t help them navigate the inevitable uncertainty waiting for them in the future.

To overcome this, start a brain training program. Much like upping the weights at the gym, start with small manageable changes to the routine that make them flex this part of their brain. Move the furniture around more often, drive to school a different way, send them to a new summer camp or generally just shake things up. The more times your child sees that ‘different is safe, the more new pathways they will build and the more flexible their brain will get.

Let your kids in on the plan. It’s more fun when they can see their successes and these should be celebrated. Even if your child isn’t struggling with anxiety now, help them proactively build this skill in advance of needing it. There’s nothing wrong with liking routine but make sure it is a point of pride in your family to be ok with the unfamiliar too.

You’ve got this!

Dr. Jen, The Umbrella Project


Here are some great things that happened recently at our school, please follow us on Twitter @stclementsaints for more information about these and other exciting news:

Holy Week Art from Mrs. Kittel’s class. 

Saints sporting SPIRIT WEAR.  We love Thursdays!

Special spring lunch: Pancakes! Thank you to our hot lunch committee!



School Calendar:  (please use this address to access our school calendar for all upcoming and future events).

April 24 – First Holy Communion – 11:30 AM – contact the parish for further information – Praying for our our Grade 2s!

April 27 – Hot Lunch Day

April 28 – Spirit Wear Day – Saints are encouraged to wear their spirit wear and/or Blue and gold!

May 2-6 Catholic Education Week

May 4 – June 24 – EQAO TESTING – GRADES 3 & 6

May 17 – Track and Field at St. David Secondary School – Grades 4-8 (more information to come)

May 23- Victoria Day – School holiday

June 2nd – Virtual “Welcome to Kindergarten” presentation for all newly registered Kindergarten students for the 2022-2023 6 PM – please register with the school

June 3 – PA Day – no school for students / Ministry Directed priorities for teachers.

June 27- Term 2 Report Card Distribution Date

June 27 – Grade 8 Graduation and Awards at the church – 6 PM

June 29 – Last day of school & Year End Mass at 10:30 AM