Reminders for the Week

We just completed the last full week of February; time is sure flying this school year. This week also marked the beginning of the second term. We are also through our first week of having those who chose to learn remotely back with us, and it is so great to have our classes in-person and complete! We continue to grow in numbers, now we are almost 240 students from JK – Grade 8. The sound of students in the hallways really gives our school its’s purpose back and the opportunity to interact with your amazing children, our wonderful Saints! I look forward to an exciting second term in which our students are encouraged to continue to strive to be the best that they can be.

Please see the information updates below:

School Screener:

Daily Screening and confirmation by the school remains a provincial requirement.  In our elementary schools we will stop using the paper confirmation form, however students will still be asked to confirm that they have completed the screening with you at home.  It is extremely important that no student comes to school not having completed their screening at home.  Please continue to use the following link and complete the screening each day before coming to school. We thank you for your on-going support as we continue to navigate these challenging times.

School Yard Icy Conditions

Our school yard has recently been unsafe for students to play on due to the icy conditions. Our staff have come up with so many creative ideas with getting the students outside on the blacktop for some fresh air and daily physical activity. 


Prior to Christmas break and early January, some families requested a Chromebook and/or a Wi-Fi hotspot device to support their child(ren) during our province wide remote learning. At this time, we are kindly requesting that these Chromebook devices, charging cords and wi-fi hotspots please be returned to our school so that we will be prepared to allow our Grade 4 – 8 students to participate in the MDI survey that will take place in the near future, and support classroom instruction.  Please have it returned asap as it is now overdue. Sincere thanks to the families that have already returned their devices, charging cords and/or hotspot devices (if needed during remote learning). Much thanks for your continued support.

Lenten Liftoff

The Catholic Parent Involvement Committee (CPIC), is pleased to present Lenten Liftoff, a series of faith formation activities to support parental engagement funded by the Ministry of Ontario Pro Grants.

We are once again excited to present the series “Formed” which will be the foundation of activities supporting our deeper understanding of the season of Lent. The subscription will feature Friday Night Faith Flicks along with resources to support family discussion. Lenten booklets will also be available shortly and more information will follow soon.  Please join us in sharing the message of these free resources and content to support our families over the winter months.

Parents who are interested in receiving a free subscription to Formed and to receiving weekly Lenten Liftoff faith activities, can sign up by registering their name and email HERE.

2021-2022 School Yearbook

On behalf of St. Clement Catholic School Advisory Committee, we would like to take this time to tell all of our Saints, staff, their families and our community, just how amazing you all are!  It has been another difficult year of challenges, but our Saints have used grit and perseverance to continue to work their way through our challenging times.  It has been another year for the history books and it’s time to start making our yearbook to look back on in the future.

We would like to reach out to our school families and community to ask for your support with our St. Clement Saints school yearbook for 2021-2022.

Help us support our school and local community!

Our school yearbook advertisement options are as follows:

  • A business card size ad for $25
  • ½ page advertisement for $50
  • Full page advertisement for $75

If you or someone you know, wishes to make a monetary donation in lieu of advertisement, please contact Pam Koebel.

In the past our School Advisory Committee has been able to purchase a yearbook for each family, but unfortunately this year, the committee is not able to do so.  The more we can fundraise and receive in donations, helps to keep our yearbook cost at a reasonable price.  Yearbooks will come on sale soon in the following weeks.

We would like to have all advertisements and donations collected by Friday March 11.  Please use this link to make payments directly online.

The link for Ad purchases is

The link for donations is


If you have any questions, please contact Pam Koebel at  As well, if your business requires a proof of payment letter, please let Pam know at the time of advertisement submission.

Thank you for your ongoing support of our St. Clements Saints!


The St. Clement Catholic School Advisory Committee

Grade 8 Grad Hoodies

Just a reminder that Monday, February 28th, will be the last day for Grade 8 students to purchase their Graduation Hoodie on Cash on Line.

Grade 7 and 8 Literacy and Numeracy Support

Grade 7 and 8 students may receive non-credit literacy and numeracy instructional support to develop problem solving, mathematics and literacy skills, study and organizational skills, confidence and friendship building to succeed in Grades 7 and 8 and ease their transition to Secondary School. Taught by WCDSB teachers with Intermediate qualifications. Offered Saturdays, 9 AM – 12 PM (Online until permitted to be in-person). 13 sessions remaining until June 11th (no holiday weekends or March Break

Strong Start

We are happy to share that the Strong Start Literacy Program is returning to St Clement. We need your help! If you are able to volunteer for this program, kindly reach out to

Mental Health:

Keeping our students mentally healthy is a priority. We often use a resource from School Mental Health Ontario (  in our classrooms. One common exercise we promote is to practice our breathing. Practicing deep breathing several times a day can help to increase alertness and reduce feelings of anxiety and stress. It can also help to enhance positive feelings, promote positive behaviour, and provide a sense of calm. It is important to exercise our brains just like we do for our bodies.
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Grade 7 – CAT4 – National Standardized Achievement Test

Students in Grade 7 in the Waterloo Catholic District School Board will be administered the Canadian Achievement Test, Fourth Edition (CAT-4) between April 19th – 26th, 2022.

The CAT-4 is a national standardized achievement test designed to measure achievement in the basic skills commonly taught in schools across Canada. The specific skill areas in which your child will be assessed include Language Arts, Reading and Mathematics. The CAT-4 takes approximately four hours to complete over a three-day period.

The CAT-4 will provide information for parents/guardians, students, teachers and administrators about how well students perform in the basic skill areas. This information will be used to provide direction for curriculum and program delivery at the system, school, and individual student levels.

If you wish your child to not participate in the testing, please notify your child’s classroom teacher by April 8, 2022.

MDI School Climate Survey

From February 22nd to March 11th, the WCDSB is conducting a survey for students in Grades 4 to 12, parents and staff. It is a Ministry requirement for school boards to conduct surveys every two years. This is just a quick reminder that our School Climate surveys were launched at our school beginning this week. Families are invited to access the survey using the Parent/ Guardian Survey Link:

Junior Kindergarten Registration: 

Is your little one school aged and ready to come to school?  Registration is now open.  Please register online or call the office to set up a virtual appointment to walk you through the online registration process.

Kindergarten registration for the 2022– 2023 school year is happening now! No experience needed


Children born in 2018 are eligible for JK/Year 1 Kindergarten


Children born in 2017 are eligible for SK/Year 2 Kindergarten. (*You do NOT need to re-register if your child is already at St. Clement.)


  Once you have completed your online registration, please contact the schools main office 519-699-5271 to finish your registration  
  WCDSB Updates

Please visit our School Board Website for updates and recent information.  Here is the link:

Families are reminded to check the WCDSB website regularly for updates on our Operational Guidelines.  Please know families can review the Ventilation Report for schools and/or the Board should you wish to have more information:


Umbrella Project: Did you know… students are encouraged daily to show their Saints Umbrella Skills. Staff recognize students showing their skills for the month. Students from each class will be recognized and celebrating for their skills and receive a BRAG TAG for their backpack.

Umbrella Project: Theme for the Month of February: Self-efficacy

Setup small, engaging opportunities to practice

An unshakeable sense of self-efficacy comes from repeatedly taking on challenges and overcoming them. When a child doesn’t believe in themselves, it can create a lot of generalized anxiety for a child and will commonly stop them from even trying. When they stop trying, it can become more and more difficult to build self-efficacy.

To build self-efficacy, help your child recognize the importance of not giving up and instead actively engaging in challenging and difficult skills. This might be social skills, academic skills or any normal challenge that they will have to face repeatedly through their lives. Notice the areas that your child needs some practice and set up small stepping stone challenges to help them practice the skill and expand their comfort zone.

For example, if your child is very shy in public, you might challenge them to first make eye contact with the person who works at the grocery store. When they accomplish that task, give them a high five and then create a slightly more difficult challenge. In this example, the next step may be saying hello or handing the money to the person working at the store. These challenges should be big enough to put your child just outside their current comfort zone, but small enough to be manageable for them.

Help them understand that each little challenge is practice for the next time they find themselves in a similar situation and the more they practice, the bigger the challenge they will be able to face. Engaging them in picking their own challenges is a great way to make sure they are embracing the process. Over time, you will see your child’s belief in their own capabilities grow.

See this blog for a more detailed look at coaching children through the challenges of building self-efficacy.

Health + Happiness,

Dr. Jen, The Umbrella Project


Here are some great things that happened recently at our school, please follow us on Twitter @stclementsaints for more information about these and other exciting news:

Kindergarten celebrated their 100s day complete with our very own Ms. B. who dressed up to look like 100 to celebrate!

Staff look for opportunities to take their classes outside. Proudly, Saints Staff are participating in WCDSB Steps Challenge and we are hoping for a win!


Pink shirt day celebrated that we show kindness

Mrs. Dafoe loves her new golden doodle puppy. Sadie brings so much joy and cuddles. #WCDSBPetWeek #InThisTogether

Saints participate in a virtual assembly for Black Heritage Month. 

School Calendar:  (please use this address to access our school calendar for all upcoming and future events).

February – Black History Month – teachers are doing activities in the classrooms followed by school wide presentations on Feb. 28

February –  Kindergarten Registration for the 2022-2023 School year Begins during the month of February

Feb. 28 – Grade 8 Graduation Hoodies for sale on Cash On Line (last day for sales)

·         Feb. 22 – March 11 – School Climate Surveys for students Gr.4 – 8, staff, parents

Feb. 25 – Black Heritage Month – Virtual Assembly School Wide: Dr. Suzan Snaggs-Wilson to present

Mar 1 – Umbrella Project Virtual Assembly School Wide

March 2 – Ash Wednesday: School Wide virtual liturgy

Mar 3 – Saints Spirit Day – show your colours – blue and gold!!

March 14-18 March Break – School holiday

April 8 – PA Day – no school for students / Ministry and Board Directed priorities for teachers.

April 15 – Good Friday – School holiday

April 18 – Easter Monday – School holiday

May 2-6 Catholic Education Week

May 23- Victoria Day – School holiday

June 3 – PA Day – no school for students / Ministry Directed priorities for teachers.

June 27- Term 2 Report Card Distribution Date

June 29 – Last day of school