Umbrella Project Theme of the Month: Kindness~ “Kindness is choosing love over hate, light over darkness, compassion over judgement” ~ Random Acts of Kindness foundation


We are in need of a volunteer for our Nutrition For Learning Program. This position involves being responsible for the day-to-day operations and supervision of the Student Nutrition Program. Responsibilities include; creating menus, develop a program budget to monitor the cost of the menu items, placing a weekly food order, sorting the order in bins for each classroom. If you are considering this, kindly contact the office for more information. The estimated time commitment would be 5 – 10 hours a week.


The PALS student volunteers requested that the PALS program for primary students has been temporarily put on hold until the spring. This is due to the increased interest in playing in the snow in the winter time. PALS has been trained in some new games from some volunteer nursing students.


The primary students have been playing soccer over by the yellow gate and have offered to give their designated soccer field time to the junior and intermediate students. Therefore, the junior and intermediate students will have access to the fields at all three recesses. We will re-visit the schedule in the Spring to see if the Primary students are still satisfied with the area they play soccer in.


Action For Happiness ( provides monthly calendars that are packed with actions that help to create a happier and kinder world. Teachers will be speaking to the actions in class and posting a calendar in their prayer center. Additionally, each day has been posted on our School Calendar (found on our web site) so that you can participate in the actions as a family as well. Mindful March is the theme for this month that includes daily actions to help you be more mindful and live in the moment.


2020-2021 Budget Survey: Please find below the link to the 2020-2021 budget survey.  The survey uses a tool called Thought Exchange to collect open ended thoughts/opinions on specific topics. There is also the ability to rate Thoughts of other participants. Participant names are not shown. This should take about 10 minutes or less to complete.  This tool also has Google Translate available should stakeholders require a different language option. There are 2 Thought Exchanges that you can participate in. You can choose to participate in one or both since they are not linked but are asking for feedback on 2 different questions. The survey will be open until March 27th, 2020.  The survey results will be made available after they have been presented to the Board’s Budget Advisory Committee.

  1. Understanding that the Board priorities are intended to support Graduation rates, Well-Being and Faith Formation. Please identify what you feel is the MOST important area for investment within the budget in order to achieve our priorities?
  1. Understanding that the Board priorities are intended to support Graduation rates, Well-Being and Faith Formation. Where do you think the Board could obtain savings or efficiencies?


The Board values input from stakeholders and your feedback helps ensure that budgets are aligned according to the Board, school and stakeholder needs. Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to the survey.

We are in need of Lego at the school. We would be so appreciative of any donations. You can drop them off at the main office.

Monday, March 2

  • Action Calendar: Mindful March – Get outside and notice five things that are beautiful
  • Girl’s Volleyball : Students vs St. Clement Staff (re-scheduled due to inclement weather that required the gym)

Tuesday, March 3

  • Action Calendar: Mindful March – Cultivate a feeling of loving-kindness towards others today
  • Umbrella Project Assembly: Kindness 1:15 PM – all are welcome
  • Boys Basketball Tournaments – Re-scheduled!Location: St. Clement CESSchedule: 3:45PM – KW Bilingual vs. St. Clement4:30PM – KW Bilingual vs. OLO Lourdes5:15PM – OLO Lourdes vs. St. Clement

Wednesday, March 4

  • Action Calendar: Mindful March – Start today by appreciating that you’re alive and have a body
  • Hot lunch day – Pita Pit/ Angies Roast Beef
  • Girls Volleyball Tournaments – Re-scheduled!Location: Our Lady of Grace CESSchedule: 4:00PM – OLO Lourdes vs. OLO Grace4:45PM – OLO Lourdes vs. St. Clement5:30PM – St. Clement vs. OLO Grace

Thursday, March 5

  • Potential OECTA strike day which would mean no school for students
  • Action Calendar: Mindful March – Every hour simply take three calm breaths in and out
  • Spirit Wear Day!


Friday, March 6

  • Action Calendar: Mindful March – Eat mindfully. Appreciate the taste, texture and smell of your food.




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