**A big thank you to the Grade 8s who have taken leadership on the 12 Days of Christmas theme days to build the spirit of Christmas!

Monday, Dec. 17th  

  • Monday Math Madness – please see the Tweet on Monday for the Question of the week. Classroom solutions will be tweeted at the end of the week.
  • 12 Days of Christmas Theme: Merry Monday spread cheer and a smile
  • MPP Catherine Fife to visit 11 AM – 12PM
  • Last Day for Angel Tree contributions

Tuesday, Dec. 18th

  • 12 Days of Christmas Theme: Bring a “Stuffy”
  • Clement Christmas concert: Parent are invited to attend. Concert begins at 12:45 PM.

Wednesday, Dec. 19th

  • Hot Lunch Day – Angies – Turkey/ Pita Pit
  • 12 Days of Christmas Theme: Wear an Ugly Christmas Sweater

Thursday, Dec. 20th

  • Advent Liturgy – 2:50 PM in the Gym
  • 12 Days of Christmas Theme: “Good Will” message to staff
  • Cookie Order Day


Friday, Dec. 21st

  • 12 Days of Christmas Theme: Wear Christmas PJs
  • Christmas Pageant at the Church with Father Martin 12:40 PM


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A reminder that if you would like to order a hot lunch, your order is due at noon on Sunday. All ordering is done through Lunchbox Orders at https://www.lunchboxorders.net/