Dear Saint Families,

Please take a moment to look at some of the amazing programs that are being offered through Woolwich Counselling.

Quick Response Program for Children and Youth

When a child or youth in our community is experiencing a challenging time, our goal is to get them feeling connected and supported quickly. Through this funded program, children and youth up to the age of 18, and their families, are provided a consultation and counselling session at no cost. Clients will leave with a plan including strategies and possible referrals to other supports, services and / or further counselling. We hope this will help eliminate any barrier to children and youth and their families to make that initial contact for mental health supports.

Breathing and Connecting Together (Child and Caregiver Yoga and Mindfulness Group)

This 5-week group will promote connection between caregiver and child through playful yoga
poses, engaging theraplay activities, breathing techniques and mindfulness strategies.

Empowering the Girl in Me

This five-session therapy group develops leadership skills and confidence to enable individuals who self-identify as girls to protect themselves, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and positive social connections.

Glad to Be Me

This fun-filled children’s workshop promotes self-esteem and self-worth.