Please go on WCDSB website to ensure that you are aware of any school closures that may occur due to CUPE Labour Disputes starting on Monday.

Construction Update: The construction company arrived at the school this morning without any communication to begin the construction of the elevator for accessibility. The construction of the elevator will occur outside the building to begin with and then they plan on “breaking through the walls” at Christmas break. They are placing fencing up to contain the area for construction and for student safety, students have been asked to stay away from this area. Please be aware of this area and do not enter this area for pick up/drop off of students at the beginning and end of the day. A reminder to safely park on the streets that surround the school and be aware and follow all posted traffic signs.

Umbrella Project Theme of the Month: Empathy. “Empathetic students are more successful because they do not seek good grades, but their goal is to understand the materials in the subject.”

Please see pictures tweeted out to see samples of our Spirit Wear (which are also at the school for viewing). We have Spirit Wear Day every Thursday. You may order on Cash OnLine .

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