As you may know with the recent media coverage about the actions of Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg, there has been much activity in relation to Climate Change in the past week. Greta travelled across the ocean from Sweden in a low emissions boat, organizing rallies in the U.S. (and spoke in NYC specifically) and yesterday addressed the United Nations Assembly. She has encouraged young and old to realize that Climate Change is the issue of our time and now is the time for action. Youth around the world have responded positively to her invitation to walk from class on Friday Sept. 27th.

To be proactive, and to appreciate that our students may wish to show their support for this cause, St. Clement School, students are being engaged in challenges with the Eco Club and the Social Justice Committee. In class, they are being encouraged to complete a poster for the poster making contest and we will have a whole school picture to Tweet out to show our solidarity for being people “who transform God’s world” so that students’ voices are heard.
We have not- to the best of my knowledge-been inundated with notices about the protests/walking out. It is our hope that the students of St. Clement School will feel that their voices are being heard through the activities provided in the classrooms. Please be aware, if your child chooses to leave, once they leave they will no longer be under the supervision of the school staff and they will be marked absent. While we encourage students have a voice, we do not encourage nor endorse a walkout.

I ask that you please speak to your child with the understanding that they will have a voice through the poster- making and embrace the power of social media – together and with it our voices are stronger.