Good Afternoon, Saints!

Today was such as successful first day of school! It was so great to be back to school – face -to- face to learn and grow together as a school community! The entire staff at St. Clements was so excited to see Saints and their smiling eyes as they arrived at school and welcome them back for another wonderful year!

Warm Welcome

A very special welcome to our new families that are joining the St. Clement School Community!

Please join me in welcoming Ms. Gillies who will be in for the afternoons for Ms. Alvarez and Ms. Sass who will be one of our Lunch Hour Supervisors.


  • Thank you for completing the school screening before school. Classroom teachers are actively tracking this for the first two weeks of school and will communicate this to you. The screening can be found at
  • Thank you for wearing your masks, Saints!
  • Thank you for social distancing
  • Thank you for your great enthusiasm and excitement. It is so wonderful to have students back in the building.
  • Thank you for completing your start-up form on School Cash Online. (We have had some technical issues that the board IT is looking at so if you had any problems, try re-submitting the forms again)

Wishing you a wonderful evening, Saints! #BackToSchoolExcitement