Good afternoon Saints!

We continue to be in a very good place when it comes to the number of COVID cases in our Region.  We attribute that to the high number of people who are vaccinated in our Region – as of last weekend, 90% of those eligible have received at least 1 dose of the vaccine.

As a Catholic School Board, our homepage is currently reporting that 90.8% of the WCDSB teachers are also fully vaccinated.  This, along with our masking, distancing, and sanitizing policies, we feel are helping to keep the spread at bay, and is what is allowing us to loosen restrictions!  We have been able to bring back so many welcome traditions at St. Clement including our Terry Fox Walk, our Intermediate Soft Ball Tournament, our Kindergarten recess play structure, equipment on the yard, interactive games and activities  and soon to be – kids intramural programs!

So many wonderful things are happening once again at St. Clement and it really does take the effort and sacrifice from everyone to make it happen and to keep it happening!

Please know that we continue to use the “School Screening” as our tool to determine if a student is eligible to attend school each day.  We ask that you continue to do the same.  There are many intricacies within the Public Health/WCDSB screening and some things that you need to be aware of:

First of all, please continue to complete the school screening for each child, each day.  It really makes a difference!

Second, please know that if a sibling is experiencing any new COVID symptoms or awaiting test results, then any unvaccinated siblings also need to stay home until test results are received. Please always call the office and leave a message on the voicemail before 8:50 am to indicate your child(ren) is staying home and what their symptom(s) are.

Third, please know that if students travel out of the country, now or during the Christmas Holidays, unvaccinated students are required to remain at home from school for 14 days, even though the requirements from the airport or border may be that they do not have to “quarantine”.

Lastly, please know that as the numbers remain relatively low (hopefully), things may change.  Please continue to complete the school screening, and as always, if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact the main office.  We can always walk through individual situations together.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, Saints!