Good morning Saints!

I just wanted to say, in the month when we focus on GRATITUDE for the Umbrella Project, a huge THANK YOU to all of our Primary/Junior Saints who made it look easy, once again!  Yesterday was the first day of a fairly major switch at St. Clement CES, with several Primary/Junior friends moving classes or welcoming others into their class.  The students adapted so well, in what could be a potentially stress-filled situation.  You would never know it!  They lined up with their new classes, got into the building and the learning began!

A huge THANK YOU to all of the parents for your continued support with these unique situations that are beyond our control!

A huge THANK YOU to all of the students who once again, made it look easy!

And, of course, a HUGE THANK YOU to the staff who spent many hours over the Thanksgiving Weekend planning and prepping for their new classes!

None of this could happen without sacrifice, patience, teamwork, and a genuine care for our St. Clement Saints!  Way to go Saints!  Thank you!