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Sneak Peek On Line – St. Clement Catholic School

The first day of school falls on Tuesday, September 3rd. This year we are excited to change our Sneak Peek Event for our families coming to St. Clement. We will be sending your teacher placement and forms on our cash online system. These important mandatory forms will be available starting in Summer 2019. By providing them in the summer, it will give you extra time to read over and fill out all documents and have them ready to go!  On the first day of school your child will bring home the student verification document that needs to be completed in hard copy. Please return this in the envelope provided to you.

Annual Report from Catholic Parent Advisory Council

Dear Parents and School Community:
The St. Clements Catholic School Advisory Council had a very rewarding 2018/2019 year. The school advisory council held six meetings on September 11, October 9, November 13, February 26, March 19 and April 9 and worked on various matters during the school year including:
• coordinating the fall fundraising event;
• approval of new recess equipment;
• approval of budget for the Playground Activity Leaders in School (PALS) program;
• hosting a discussion with Jeanne Gravelle, WCDSB Trustee, and Shesh Maharaj, COO for WCDSB, related to St. Clement school renovations at the February council meeting; and
• Yearbooks and advertising.
These meetings were open to the public to encourage input from parents and other members of the school community to inform our discussions of the various issues considered.
Additional achievements of the school council in 2018/2019 included securing the Parent Reaching Out (PRO) Grant which was used to host a Parent Night with Dr. Jen Forristal who spoke about the Umbrella project, as well as obtaining approval of the Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) Grant which will be used towards the purchase of school agendas for the 2019/2020 school term. In addition, fundraising activities were conducted and the proceeds were used to fund projects in accordance with school board policies. These fundraising activities are summarized in the attached Annual Fundraising Report. Minutes of meetings held and financial records are available for public inspection at the school office.
We wish to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the many individuals who volunteered their time to contribute to the success of the school council this year. Special thanks are due to the members of the 2018/2019 school council including Caitlin Barton, Mary Craiovan, Andrea Boyce, Pam Koebel, Tracy Brenner, Stacey Mayer, Natascha Martin, Amanda Hergott, Lori Martin, Kathleen Kirby, Teresa Deleo, Alyshia Cook, and Becky Strauss. Finally, we would like to wish the best of luck to the school advisory council in the 2019/2020 school term.
Chair & Co-Chair

ST. Clement School Annual Fundraising Report

The proceeds from our Dance-a-Thon Fundraiser this year were $7568.25. These funds were put towards the following:
• Grade 8 Graduation
• Recess Equipment for each classroom
• Agendas for each student
• Turkey Toss
• Ham Toss
• K.E.V (School Cash Online)
• Teacher Allotments (classroom supplies)

Andrea Boyce