We want to share an important update. Bus operators are now experiencing an increase in driver absences due to COVID-19 isolation.

Although more than 90% of our routes are operating normally, some routes are experiencing more frequent and prolonged delays (50 minutes or greater). As a result, Student Transportation Services of Waterloo Region (STSWR) will need to cancel some routes for a short period of time when driver absences cannot be covered.

This temporary measure will be effective Tuesday, January 25, 2022, until Friday, February 18, 2022. 

STSWR will continue to evaluate this approach to reducing delays and adjust the approach in order to continue to reduce the impact on students, families, and caregivers.

We understand the significant impact this decision will have on our students and their families and caregivers. STSWR does this only as a last resort. We hope that proactively implementing and communicating this course of action will allow families and caregivers to better prepare for and react to the cancellation of bus routes.

What Happens If A School Bus Route is Cancelled?

Effective January 24, 2022, a school bus route will be cancelled if a driver is isolating due to COVID-19 and there are insufficient drivers to cover the isolating driver’s routes.

The duration of the cancellation period will be communicated immediately to affected students and families.

For Waterloo Catholic District School Board (WCDSB) Students and Families

For students and families in the WCDSB, if a school bus route is cancelled due to a COVID-19 related driver absence, there are three options for families:

  • Where possible, families should find alternative transportation for their students for the 5 to 10 day bus transportation cancellation period.
  • If that is not possible:
    • Students may participate asynchronously remotely by accessing their class Virtual Learning Environment (D2L or Google Classroom) or
    • Students may access asynchronous lessons on TVO and STVLElementary;

Stay Informed

Families will be informed the day prior to any cancellation and cancellation will be posted on the STSWR website with an expected return date.