With this week’s announcement confirming the school closures for the balance of the school year, we [Lunchbox Orders] wanted to reach out to touch on next steps. This week, we will finalize the cancellations for the deliveries and orders placed for June 1 onwards. In cancelling the orders, parents will be notified and a credit will be placed on their Lunchbox Orders account.  Credits will carry over automatically to the new school year and do not expire. If a parent prefers a refund, they may contact us directly by email at info@lunchboxorders.com to complete the return of funds to their payment card.  Lunchbox Orders does not save payment card information for security purposes.  A refund transaction fee (4%) is applicable. The fee represents credit card and bank charges associated with the transaction.

 Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or requests.

 Thank you for your continued support.”