Our Called to Belong/ #WeBelong week (formerly bullying awareness week): A Community That Builds Relationships: Called to Belong November 18 – 22.

Each morning we will have a prayer regarding the theme for that day over the announcements. Our School will be participating in the following:

Monday Nov 18 : Theme: A Peaceful Community: Teachers are discussing the concept to students of how they can share peace

Tuesday Nov. 19: Theme: An Inclusive Community: Wear Pink and Lessons on being inclusive. Restorative Circle to build community. Read books about friendship

Wednesday Nov. 20: Theme: A Respectful Community: Classroom Restorative Circle to promote respect

Thursday Nov 21: Theme: A Community of Kindness: Classes will engage in Christian Meditation and speak of other ways that we can be kind to others

Friday Nov. 22: Theme: A Community that builds relationships. Teachers are asked to have their students write or draw on the footprints how they are journeying together in faith to build peaceful, inclusive, respectful and kind communities. The footprints will be used to decorate the classroom walls/ classroom bulletin board.