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Bell Time Correction – Yesterday’s Newswire

Good Morning Saints,

Please note that our bell times remain the same as usual: 8:50 am – 3:20 pm. 

We apologize for any confusion this may have caused from the Newswire we sent out yesterday.

REVISED School Start Up and Information

Summer Greetings!

Welcome Back Saints! We sincerely hope that all our families have had a wonderful summer creating many new memories. We cannot wait to hear about your adventures.

We are getting closer and closer to the first day of school: Tuesday, September 7th! We know this time comes with mixed emotions – hopefully lots of excitement but maybe some concerns, too. Please rest assured that our staff’s first priority is the health and safety of your child.

I hope that this letter will answer any questions you may have. Please read it carefully and continue to check for ongoing communication from our school & School Board website Information sent out last week from our Director Loretta Notten aligns with our Board’s Operational Guidelines found here

Please also note most informative posts/news items will continue to be sent out through Newswire, including the Weekly updates you will receive each week.  This provides a weekly glance at any news items from the school, board & parish along with what to expect in the week ahead.  Additionally, we will send out occasional tweets and updates to share any important occurrences to keep our community informed (e.g., fundraising).  See our school website for our twitter feed and newswire sign ups.

Over the weekend, we plan to send classroom teacher information through SchoolCash Online to students in Grades 1 to 8.  Please check your email for the information that will notify you of your child’s new classroom teacher. Please note that class lists continue to be tentative due to ongoing registrations which has significant staffing implications due to evolving enrolment. Often, we can see classroom assignment changes continue into September.

Additionally, all start-up forms will be processed through School Cash Online over the next week or so. They are due by Sept 10th. There are a number of documents that require input of information and your signature and there are a couple read-only documents.

Please read the start up procedures for the school year including the COVID Protocols that will be observed:

Plan First Day Procedures for Students Entering Grades 1 to 8

Just before the 8:55 a.m. bell, students will line up, physically distanced, at the backyard where they will find their classroom teacher.   We will have several staff members on hand to help all of the children. Classes will be led into the school by the teachers, one class at a time.

If it is an inclement weather situation, students will meet their teacher as outlined above in the backyard to be brought into the classrooms.

Parents will continue to not enter the blacktop/playyard for the safety of all. 

Bell Times

Our bell times have not changed (8:50 a.m. start; 3:20 p.m. dismissal). Yard supervision begins at 8:35 a.m. You may drop off your child between 8:35 and 8:55 a.m. daily but please remember that parents may not walk around to the back of the school with their child and to park on side streets being cognizant of traffic signs.


Please ensure you have logged into your Bus Planner account (click on Parent Portal after clicking on this link) to make sure your child’s busing is set up for next week. For all inquiries related to bus transportation, please contact Student Transportation Services of Waterloo Region: . Students will need to be physically distanced in bus lines and wear their masks on the bus. As always, students not eligible for bussing are encouraged to walk to school. If it is absolutely necessary to drive your child to school, we ask that you use side streets to park.


Masks are mandatory for all students. Students must bring several of their own labeled masks from home. All staff will wear medical grade masks and some staff may wear face shields or safety glasses with their masks.

Daily Self-Assessment for Students and Staff

All students and staff are required to take the COVID-19 self-assessment daily before coming to school: . If your child has any cold or flu-like symptoms, please do not send them to school. If your child presents symptoms during the school day, your child will be sent to the office, where he/she will be supervised in the Conference Room – Isolation room. Parents will be called and must pick up their child immediately. Parents are then encouraged to contact Public Health, and follow Public Health direction.

Safety Protocols

Our main strategies include:

  • Physical Distancing
  • Hand Washing/Sanitizing (We have hand sanitizer in all classrooms and throughout the school. You may choose to send a travel size bottle of unscented sanitizer with your child)
  • Masks – mandatory for staff and students

Other Safety Measures:

  • Staff will review safety protocols with students on the first day of school and regularly thereafter
  • There will be enhanced cleaning/ sanitizing in the school throughout the day
  • Signage has been placed around the school to remind students of our protocols (e.g. physical distancing, directional arrows, etc.)
  • Drinking fountains will not be available. Water bottle filling stations will be available
  • Classrooms are set up with students’ desks facing forward and as far apart as possible.
  • Students will wipe down Chromebooks before and after use. Students are encouraged to bring their own devices.
  • Students will eat lunch at their own desks. They will be responsible for cleaning their own desks after they eat.

Recess and Physical Education

Students will be supervised, as per usual practice, and reminded to stay physically distanced. Students may be unmasked during recesses. Teachers will lead students out of the school and into the school in a staggered fashion.  Students will have designated line-up spots and will be expected to physically distance while in lines. The creative play structure is closed until further notice.

For physical education, classes will take place outside wherever possible. Students should come to school expecting to participate in physical activity every day both inside and outside. Appropriate clothing at school is always required (e.g., running shoes, clothing for colder weather, etc.)  High and low-contact activities are permitted outdoors without masking.

Students will not be permitted to use the change room or change into gym clothes. All students should dress for indoor and outdoor physical activity every day and keep a pair of indoor running shoes at school. Athletics programs (sports teams) remain suspended for now.


Similar to the last school year, access to the school is not permitted by non-essential visitors, including parents. Visitors are not permitted in the school without administrator authorization. There are some scenarios where parents may need to come to the school during the school day. Parents will be expected to remain outside of the school and communicate through the intercom.

If you need to pick up your child during the school day, please call the office when you are at the front entrance and we will send your child out to you when we see you. It is important to notify the office of such occurrences to update attendance and maintain COVID protocols.

If you need to drop off something for your child, you may drop it on a table we will have outside the main entrance and communicate through the intercom about what is being dropped off and who it is for. We will call your child to retrieve the item from the table. Please help us to limit these visits by ensuring your child has packed everything they need for school, making every effort to be on time for school, and attempting to schedule appointments outside of school hours.

Extended Day Programs:

  • Visitors are required to follow appropriate entry and exit protocols for the Extended Day Programs
  • All individuals including children attending before and after school, staff, parents/guardians, and visitors must be screened each day before entering the program
  • Extended day students will be outside at least 40 minutes to one hour prior to morning bell time and 40 minutes to one hour after bell time at the end of the day; this will allow for deep cleaning of the classroom and area

Student Planning Agendas, Parent Communication

Agendas have been ordered for students in Grades 1 to 8. This year, agendas will be for student use only, as a personal organizational tool. Teachers will communicate with parents through D2L, Google Classroom, email or phone calls. Your child’s teacher will inform you at the beginning of the school year of the preferred mode of communication between home and school.

Back-to-School Shopping

Learning kits will be provided for each student. There is no need to buy or send in any extra school supplies at this time. Students will only need a mask and a pair of indoor running shoes. Please remember to label all personal belongings so that students are only touching their own items.

Lunch Program and Nutrition for Learning Program

It is our hope to start up a lunch program and Nutrition for Learning program again this year. Plans are still being discussed so please stay tuned for more details.

Catholic School Advisory Council

Our first virtual meeting is on September 21st.  Please complete the form on School Cash Online if you are interested in joining the council. The more the merrier!

Medical and Contact Information

If any of your personal contact information has changed (phone numbers, address, etc.), please email  If you are new to our school or if your child has a new medical condition, please email Mrs. Williams with this information.

Dressing for the Weather

Please ensure your child is dressed for the weather every day. We are committed to giving students breaks from their masks and exposure to fresh air during recesses, even if the weather is not perfect, e.g., light rain. Parental requests for students to stay inside at recess will not be granted as we do not have the space or supervision to support such arrangements. Students who are not well enough to participate in outdoor activities should be kept home.

We greatly appreciate your attention to these details and your support. We will work together to create a learning environment that is safe for all of our students. Please watch out for more NewsWire updates as we continue to communicate important information. It is our continued goal to have our families feel a part of our school community!

Our Saints Staff is looking forward to seeing all of our incredible students soon!

Go Saints!

Mrs. Dafoe

Message from WCDSB Director of Education

Good evening, Saints!

We are thrilled that it is almost BACK TO SCHOOL!

We hope that everyone is continuing to enjoy their summertime. Please see the message below from Director, Loretta Notten.

Welcome Back Letter August 2021

A reminder that our first day of school is Tuesday, September 7th for our grades one through eight. Our Early Years students will remain with their staggered start communicated to them by their Kindergarten team next week.

More details and school based information to follow next week. Looking forward to reconnecting with all our students soon. We have missed you so very much!

Be well, Saints!

Hiring Lunch Hour Supervisor Positions

St. Clement CES is looking to hire permanent and supply Lunch Hour supervisors.

You must be:

  • 18 Years of Age or older
  • Canadian citizen with Social Insurance Number or valid work permit to be eligible to work in Canada

The Salary is between $22.20 – $23.46 per hour.

You will be required to work one hour a day from 11:35- 12:35.

If you are interested or know of someone who may be interested please contact the principal by email  or call the school at 519 – 699-5271.

Thank you

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