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Happy Last Day of School!

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While this is a very different good-bye to the school year, it is bitter-sweet that we say “good-bye” to our Saints community, but so wonderful to see our students and families once again yesterday.

We, collectively, have so much to be proud of. Our committed staff and student who gave 100% each and every day as we navigated this global pandemic. School spirit remained high as did your resilience and diligence as we pivoted back and forth.

Thank you to our families for your unwavering support and kind words through all of this. Sending our best wishes to those that are moving and our Great Grade 8 Saints who graduated. #OnceASaintAlwaysASaint

Wishing you a safe, happy, healthy summer. We have missed you, Saints and we are excited about September 2021!

Flags remain at half mast

To honour the memories of the people whose graves were discovered this week at the residential school in Saskatchewan, all flags are lowered to half mast until further notice.

We’re still here for you, Saints!

Good morning, Saints!

It was so wonderful to see so many of you yesterday picking up your items, it really reminds us how much we miss all of you!

We are still here for you today (Tuesday) morning! Students will have some asynchronous work to do but the staff are in the building! We would like to collect Chromebooks, library books, textbooks, etc., and we still have a few report cards/yearbooks to distribute.  Staff will be following up with you if there is something outstanding.

Please stop by the school and buzz the main office (at the front main doors) to drop off your loaned materials, and pick up your report card, sometime today between 9:30 am and 3:00 pm. 

Mental Health Support For Students

As the school year comes to a close you may want to use these resources to promote students’ wellbeing and where to reach out if they need support.  A resource to provide ideas on how to engage youth in these conversations can be found here:

Here are a few electronic resources and links:

  1. SMHO No Problem Too Big or Too Small (how to ask for help)
  2. SMHO Self-Care 101
  3. WCDSB Help-seeking flyer re: local supports:
  4. Check out our public-facing mental health page at!  Staff, students and families can learn about mental health, learn calming strategies, find links to School Mental Health Ontario resources, and information about local mental health services.  This will also be where you can find new resources related to promoting a mentally health return-to-school as these resources are developed over the summer months.

A few things coming and/or in development:

Summer Stress and Anxiety Boot Camp Two 1-hour workshops for students on ways to manage stress and anxiety. (First come, first served, spots limited).

Parent Wellbeing Video Series (not yet released): A series of short, recorded sessions addressing wellbeing for parents. Check the board’s Mental Health and Wellbeing page once they are released.

A team of your School Social Workers will be working in July/August supporting student wellbeing check-in’s, responding to student needs that arise in the context of our summer programming, and linking students to community resources (referrals via Guidance Teacher or School Administrator).

Transition Supports for students struggling with mental health affecting the return-to-school.

If there is more to update on these services it will be shared on the WCDSB Educator Cheat Sheet.

Supports and Resources for Students

Please be aware that Front Door (Child and Adolescent mental services for Waterloo Region), Here 24/7 (crisis services) and Kids Help Phone continue to provide mental health support to children, youth, and families during covid. Currently these services are primarily via phone or online.  Waterloo Region mental health access point for children/youth. (519) 749-2932  or 1(844) 437-3247 for mental health crisis support.

“Cuddle Up and Read” initiative ~ Waterloo Region

Did you know that the Waterloo Region is engaging in a “Cuddle Up and Read” initiative involving all school boards, community partners and our very own Dr. Jean Clinton?
Here are some resources to learn more about this initiative:

If you would like to learn more about our Cuddle Up and Read Initiative, you can click HERE to register for a session next week hosted by Our Place.

TODAY-Student Item Retrieval Reminder

Good Morning Saints!

We are looking forward to seeing you today!

When you arrive during your time slot, students are asked to remain outside instead of coming into the building. All classroom teachers will have a table in designated outside areas with signs to point you in the right direction.


8:35 – 10:00 Family last names: A – C
10:00 – 11:30 Family last names: D -K
11:30 Staff Lunch Break
12:15 – 1:45 Family last names: L-N
1:45 – 3:15 Family last names: O-Z

June 2021 Parent Information

TOMORROW-Student Item Retrieval Reminder for Monday, June 28

Dear Saints Families:

We are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

The WCDSB continues to consult with Waterloo Region Public health and schools have now been directed to host school pick up outdoors. Students are asked to remain outside instead of coming into the building. All classroom teachers will have a table in designated areas with signs to point you in the right direction.

We ask that you carefully read the attached Pick-Up/Drop-off Plan and Map for tomorrow- Monday, June 28: June 2021 Parent Information

Your help and cooperation in this manner will really be helpful to make it a successful day!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask.

Stay safe and healthy Saints!

Lost and Found Items

Hi Saints,

Do you recognize any of these items? They have lost their owners and are now in our lost and found area. Have your child pick up their items on the lost and found table on Monday, June 29 in front of the main entrance outside. After Monday, we will donate all left over items.

Flags: Half-Mast

To honour the memories of the people whose graves were discovered this week at the residential school in Saskatchewan, all schools in WCDSB have lowered our flags to half-mast until Wednesday, June 30th.

Reminders for the Week: June 28 – 29, 2021

Hi Saints Families,

Well, here we are! We have all experienced the most difficult school year imaginable, but here we are so close to the end!  For all of us, I think it is both emotional and exciting that summer break is approaching. Together we have navigated a historical year filled with protocols and numerous pivots, but also positive possibilities and promise.  A sincere THANK YOU to all our staff, parents/guardians, especially our students for showing perseverance, patience, and understanding as they continue to be dedicated to their learning each day. Whether waking up and logging into class or arriving at school wearing masks, they have been inspirational to us. It has been a team approach and together we made it thus far…2 school days to go! We got this, Saints!

On behalf of all of the staff, we wish all of the families a very peace-filled, healthy and safe summer.

To our Grade 8 Graduates, we hope that the Graduation send off gives you something you will remember. Congratulations again on your Graduation as a Saint. Good luck with the next chapter of your life at High School. Make us proud as you have for so many years already! #OnceASaintAlwaysASaint

We have missed all of you and look forward to seeing you again on September 7th.

Be Well, Saints!

Please see below for important reminders and updates for the rest of the year.

Retrieval of Student Items/ Return of School Learning Materials: June 28th

The letter from the Director of Education was sent out to families and then further communication was sent out about the details of this for St. Clement school. Please refer to that emails for details and a copy of the schedule has been copied below.

Students will be picking up their Report Cards and Yearbook (one per family). Please note that families do not need to return the third page for report cards as per the board COVID policies.

We look forward to seeing Saints on Monday, June 28th and thank you for your continued patience and support while we navigate these challenging times.

Schedule for Monday, June 28th

8:35 – 10:00 – Family Last Names: A-C

10:00-11:30 – Family Last Names: D-K

11:30- Staff Lunch Break

12:15-1:45 – Family Last Names: L-N

1:45-3:15 – Family Last Names: O-Z

Graduation Valedictorian, Claire Catton

Claire is our St. Clement 2020-2021 Valedictorian. We are so proud of her efforts and her outstanding leadership all of her years here at St. Clement. Shannon Campbell (CTV News) will be broadcasting Claire’s Valedictorian speech on Saturday, June 26 (CTV News at 6).  I am so eager to see her on tv and I hope you will join me in watching her on Saturday!

Congratulations, once again, Claire and all of our Great Grade 8 Graduates!

Woolwich Community Services: Backpack Program

Woolwich Community Services will be offering the Backpack Program to students in Woolwich Township. They will be offering school supplies necessary for students’ upcoming school year. In addition, lunch bags and food containers are offered to encourage healthy school time eating.

The program will run August 23rd to the 25th.

WCDSB Updates

Please visit our School Board Website for continual updates over the summer. Here is the link: .

Prayer for Students and Families

God of Wisdom,

We thank You for all of the gifts You have given us throughout this school year.

We praise You for giving us life, for saving us in Christ, and for choosing us to be Your people.

As we come to the end of this school year, we voice our gratitude for the good things you have done in us, and we praise you for all who have shared in the work of St. Clement School.

We ask You to bless then in Your love and give them refreshment and peace. We praise You, God, through Jesus Christ, our Lord, who lives and reigns forever and ever. Amen.

Upcoming Important Dates

June 25thFriday Fun theme Day: Pyjama Day – wear those comfy ‘jammies. Asynchronous Day – work off-line (teachers will post work)

June 28thTerm 2 Report Cards & Yearbook/personal items pick up  & Chrome book/Library Book/text book/classroom items drop off – more information was sent as an email to parents and a Newswire. Asynchronous Day – work off-line (teachers will post work)

June 29thLast Day of School- Asynchronous Day – work off-line (teachers will post work) – We look forward to a summer that is safe and relaxing for all in hopes that in September we can all be back in the building!

September 1stPA Day – no school for students

September 2ndPA Day – no school for students

September 3rd – Board Designated Holiday

September 6thLabour Day – Statutory Holiday – no school

September 7thFirst Day of school – watch Newswire or more information after summer break

Here are some of the things that happened lately at St. Clement School…

Grade 2’s dressed up in their workout gear from last Friday’s Fun Theme day!


Grade 2’s dressed up in their workout gear from last Friday’s Fun Theme day!


Saints get into fitness for #FridayThemeDays #WorkoutWearDay


Saints get into fitness for #FridayThemeDays #WorkoutWearDay



Grade 7/8’s have been working on creating presentations, posters, or Political cartoons, recognizing, and remembering Indigenous history


Here’s a screenshot of the Jamboard our grade 4/5’s did today to go along with the book they read


Grade 2 Saints create Art inspired by Norval Morrissey


Grade 2 Saints create Art inspired by Norval Morrissey


Ms. Soobir’s class learned about the importance of Totem poles


Saints participate in virtual closing liturgy


Saints wear orange in support of our Indigenous brothers and sisters

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