April Break Wellbeing Passport

Does your family seem to be “running on empty” these days? Pack some restorative power into your April Break staycation with the “Wellbeing Passport” adventure!
Visit https://wrspc.ca/wellbeing-passport/ for the digital booklet with a different wellbeing theme for each day.
Have fun as you explore different ways to foster wellbeing and don’t forget to share your family’s adventure with us! #WellbeingPassport





WEAR BLUE for Autism Awareness Day tomorrow!

On Tuesday, April 6th, we encourage all Saints Staff and students to wear blue in support of Autism.

This year, Saints will be celebrating Autism Awareness Day on April 6th (Nationally it is on the 2nd but we are not at school that day). The purpose is to raise awareness. 

Reminders for the Week: April 5 – 9, 2021

Hi Saints Families!

As we prepare our hearts and our homes for Jesus’ death and resurrection, we hope that you will take time to recharge during this most holy time. I hope that you are able to find the time as a family to pray together which is so important in a time like this.

During your prayers, please send intentions and prayers to all of those around the world who are suffering due to the COVID pandemic, those who are isolated and alone and have no one to pray for them. Please pray for all of the front-line workers who constantly and consistently put themselves in harms way for the rest of us. What a sacrifice they continue to make! We have so many things to pray for, and we have so many things to be thankful for. Please keep a positive perspective. Please keep safe and most importantly, please continue to reach out to those in your family and neighbourhood who need it most.

We thank you for your ongoing support and understanding as we continue to follow all health and safety protocols at the school level to meet the Ministry of Education and Public Health requirements to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in our community. The past weekend showed the community spirit and support during a challenging time. The communication method and details must follow strict Public Health guidelines around privacy. Your patience and support during this process was greatly appreciated. Let’ all keep it up, Saints!

Easter Triduum Liturgies and Masses: Parish Message

This evening we begin Easter Triduum, the 3 days prior to the celebration of Easter which include: Holy Thursday (the last supper), Good Friday (The passion of Our Lord), and Holy Saturday. 

We welcome you to join us at today, Holy Thursday, at 7pm for the Mass of the Lord’s Supper.

Reservations are full for this weekends Good Friday liturgy and Easter masses. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

If you are unable to attend mass in person due to the limited capacity here are a few options:

We pray that you have a blessed weekend, and that the joy and hope of the resurrection fills your hearts and homes this Easter season!

St. Clement Saints Lenten Mission Project: Tiny Homes

A Better Tent City: Tiny Homes is currently the site of more than 50 structures constructed for the homeless community. This project is only possible through the work of Fr. Toby Collins and the grace of local donations. Because of the kindness and generosity of the Saints families, St. Clements school has raised $430 to donate to Tiny Homes. This donation will drastically change the lives of our homeless community and restore a sense of dignity and self worth for residents.  Our Catholic faith called to help those in need and you responded, Saints! Thank you so much for your generosity towards this very worthy cause.

April Family Spring ParticipACTION events!

New! WCDSB parents are welcome to attend April events from yoga to drumfit!

Attend a session and be entered to win a $75 restaurant card! Brough to you by CPIC and Ministry of Education PRO Grants.

April-PRO-Grant-activities-School-Poster (1)

SAINTS Spirit Wear for sale in the virtual store – LAST DAY!

Today (Friday) is the last day that Saints can order their spirit wear online. We have a new vendor with many new and exciting designs and options. Check it out at the following link:  https://www.stitchgraphix.com/showroomsf.htm

Orders can be placed until April 1st. All payment information is on the site. No charges will be processed to credit cards until April 1st. All items will be delivered directly to your home!

Happy Shopping!

Autism Awareness

This year, Saints will be celebrating Autism Awareness Day on April 6th (Nationally it is on the 2nd but we are not at school that day). The purpose is to raise awareness. On Tuesday, April 6th, we encourage all Saints Staff and students to wear blue in support of Autism.

April Break Stem Camp

An April Break Stem Camp is being offered. Please see the attached poster for details.


Umbrella Project: April Theme: Intrinsic Motivation

This month at the Umbrella Project we are excited to be focusing our energy on Intrinsic Motivation. Intrinsic Motivation is motivation that comes from inside you instead of from external rewards like money or grades. It’s the pleasure you get from doing something because it is interesting, challenging and absorbing.

When we are intrinsically motivated we do activities simply for enjoyment, and we don’t worry as much about the reward at the end. Failing to hit the goals, marks or

achievements we are hoping for can be tough, especially when the outcome was the only thing we cared about. When we enjoy the process, it takes some of the stress off

the end result and makes us feel happier overall. In fact, being intrinsically motivated increases our wellbeing and our success at the end of the day.

Use proximal, self-directed goals to build intrinsic motivation

Building intrinsic motivation is about helping our children find enjoyment and reward in the process of achieving their goals.  It’s a great way to protect their well-being, even if the end outcome isn’t what they had hoped for.  You can use goal setting to help your child build this important skill by encouraging them to set proximal, self-directed goals. Our skill from last month, autonomy, is the skill that helps our children make self-directed decisions so this tip is continuing to make use of autonomy to build intrinsic motivation.

Proximal means that the goal being set is close to where they currently are.  It’s the next small step needed to get to a bigger goal.  Proximal goals have been shown to help students progress rapidly and achieve higher levels of mastery and interest in areas that they previously experienced disinterest or significant deficits.  It improves their self-efficacy and perceived competence by breaking the task into smaller and more manageable tasks.

Self-directed means that our children are choosing the steps in the process for themselves instead of having us tell them what to do next. This autonomy allows children to make their own path to success, improves their enjoyment of the process and highlights how all of the umbrella skills work to build and support each other into the strongest umbrella of protection for our children. The autonomy our children build will help them set these proximal, self-directed goals that in turn, build their intrinsic motivation.

I describe proximal, self-directed goals in this 3 minute video

Chat soon,

Dr. Jen, The Umbrella Project

Upcoming Important Dates

April 2 –Autism Awareness Day is celebrated nationally on April 2. Since we are not at school on April 2nd. St. Clement will recognize Autism Awareness on April 6th by wearing blue!

April 2 – Good Friday (No school for Staff and Students)

April 3 – Holy Saturday

April 4 – Easter Sunday

April 5 – Easter Monday (No school for Staff and Students)

April 6 – Wear Blue to recognize Autism Awareness Day at St. Clement

April 8 – Spirit Wear Day – Wear blue and/or gold or your spirit wear

April 9 – Friday Dun theme: Hat day! Wear your favourite hat to school!

April 12-16 – Spring Break (the former March Break) – board holiday – no school for staff or students.


Saints participate in singing Hosanna during our Virtual Easter Liturgy:

Easter Liturgies & Masses – Reminder

*** Please Register ***

If you wish to attend Good Friday (11am in Linwood or 3pm in St. Clements) and/or Easter Sunday (9am in St. Clements) by phone (519-699-4425) or email (stclementsparish@sympatico.ca)

No need to register for 11am Easter Sunday in Linwood

We look forward to celebrating with you!

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