Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day!

Wednesday March 17 March Madness Theme: St. Patrick’s Day – WEAR GREEN and dress up in your favourite St. Patrick’s Day accessories! Students can also enjoy some classroom activities to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick's Day Shenanigans 2020 – Tysons Premier

Lenten Mission Project: Tiny Homes

Dear Saints Families,

Sunday March 14th, marked the Fourth Sunday of Lent.  As we continue our journey toward Easter, we would like to invite our school community to continue our tradition of service for others. This is a wonderful connection to our school wide focus of WWJD: What Would Jesus Do? Our school wide Lenten Mission project to serve others in need in our region is the Tiny Homes Project.

Tiny Homes Project

A Better Tent City: Tiny Homes is located on Lot 42 in Kitchener. It is currently the site of more than 50 structures constructed for the homeless community. This  project is possible through the grace of local donations and the work of people like Fr. Toby Collins, who is a tremendous support to this initiative. These homes have drastically changed the lives of our homeless community and restored a sense of dignity and self-worth for residents.

Take a few minutes to watch this powerful video of how local heroes have helped the homeless community in Kitchener-Waterloo.

Our Catholic faith calls us to help those in need. We believe when you view this video it will change the way you see the plight of our most vulnerable people. The video ends with this compelling quote “We are people who support our homeless brothers and sisters, while collectively tackling homelessness in practical ways. Help us evolve into an organization that drives social entrepreneurship, education, healing and change.”

Donations are urgently needed to support the construction of 10 new private, secure indoor living quarters and the costs of wiring and heating the outdoor cabins. You can donate through School Cash Online until March 30th. 

You are encouraged to learn more about this work by visiting this web site:

Thank you for considering this very worthy cause.

Your child will be coming home with a new mask today

New adjustable 3-ply masks from the Government of Ontario arrived.  Each student will be provided with one mask. Please encourage your child to wear this as often as possible. No more masks will be distributed from the school this year. We recommend parents to label it when it comes home today.

Tomorrow is Beach Day!

Beach Day January 24 | Gilbert Paterson Middle SchoolBenefits of a beach day

Hello Saints!

Tomorrow (Monday) is beach day at St. Clement! Wear your favourite beach outfit, leis, sunglasses, hat or any other beach accessory and imagine you are at the beach under the warm sun!

Looking forward to a fun day here at the world famous beach… St. Clement!


2021-2022 Transition to Virtual School Survey

Please complete the following survey for any family that wishes to choose virtual learning for next school year. The choice for virtual will be a choice for September through June, there will not be transition periods during the year.
Realizing that the landscape continues to change, the board will confirm your choice with you in June (through one final survey open to all), but we will be seeking your interest now, so we can determine the demand for the virtual option.  If you register for St. Isidore, our virtual school, you will no longer be affiliated with your current home school, (for the 2021-2022 school year).  You will have the option to re-register for the following school year (2022-2023).
Survey Date: March 15th @ 9 a.m. to March 19th @ 6 p.m.
Survey Link:
The link will also be available at
If you are unsure about the difference between VIRTUAL and REGULAR school, please visit:

Reminders for the Week: Mar 15 – 19

Hi Saints Families!

Welcome to another wonderful week at St. Clement. There are lots of updates about upcoming events at the school. Please take a few minutes to read over everything carefully.

During Lent we are encouraged to engage in almsgiving, fasting and prayer. Our focus this month is on prayer and its many benefits. God is a source of comfort, strength, and love for us. Through prayer we enter a deeper relationship with God and gain a sense of attachment to Him. Many studies have shown that individuals who pray to a loving and protective God with whom they have a meaningful relationship are less likely to experience anxiety and stress. Prayer offers emotional comfort and reduces stress by:  Offering a sense of comfort and hope. When you’re faced with life challenges, prayer offers a sense of comfort. Knowing that God listens to your prayers and that you don’t have to bear your burden alone offers a sense of hope. When you feel hopeful you gain strength and are encouraged to carry on.

Please see below for important reminders and updates for the week.


Student (old) March Break Madness: In celebration of what was the “old March Break” we thought we would do a theme Day EACH DAY OF THE OLD MARCH BREAK WEEK (March 15-19)! (We will be playing music in line with the theme of the day as students arrive in the building!)

  1. Monday, March 15 Madness Theme: BEACH DAY! – Get your Hawaiian shirts on and picture yourself at the beach!
  2. Tuesday, March 16 March Madness Theme: DRESS LIKE YOUR FAVOURITE BOOK CHARACTER! – Who do you admire or would want to be? What is one of your favourite or despised storybook characters?
  3. Wednesday, March 17 March Madness Theme: Patrick’s Day – WEAR GREEN DAY! And enjoy some classroom activities to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day
  4. Thursday, March 18 March Madness Theme: THROW BACK THURSDAY DAY! DRESS IN RETRO…WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE ERA…50s? 60s? 80s?
  5. FRI-YAY, March 19 March Madness Theme: SUPERHERO DAY! Who are your superheroes? Nurses? Doctors? Wonder Woman? Spiderman?

Staff will also be participating in a SAINTS STAFF SURVIVOR game – Saints-cheer on your teachers and support staff!


SAINTS Spirit Wear for sale in the virtual store

Exciting news! Saints can order their spirit wear online. We have a new vendor with many new and exciting designs and options. Check it out at the following link:

Orders can be placed until April 1st. All payment information is on the site. No charges will be processed to credit cards until April 1st. All items will be delivered directly to your home!

Happy Shopping!


March Winter Family ParticipACTION

Please take note of the following parent resource: The Catholic Parent Involvement Committee brings you March Winter Family ParticipACTION activities from free yoga to learning about the Cambridge and Waterloo Library resources to free mindfulness sessions. Details attached. Brought to you my Ministry of Education PRO grants. Geared to parents of WCDSB students. Register here:


Virtual Book Fair: SAVE THE DATE

March 15 is the last day for our St. Clement Virtual Book Fair! 

Our school’s Virtual Book Fair link is

Thank you in advance for supporting us in our 1ST VIRTUAL BOOK FAIR!


New Masks Have Arrived

New adjustable 3-ply masks from the Government of Ontario arrived.  Each student will  be provided with one mask. Please encourage your child to wear this as often as possible. No more masks will be distributed from the school this year. We recommend parents to label it when it comes home on Monday.

Extra clothes and a water bottle for school

Please ensure that your child has a water bottle when they come to school. Also, please send an extra set of clothing that your child can keep at school in case they need to change during the day. Our yard is very muddy right now and there are other things that happen during the school day that can cause messes requiring a change of clothing. We do not want to have to bother parents during the day so we hope this plan will reduce these types of phone calls that disrupt your day.

Parent Internet Safety Workshop

This parent-only workshop on March 23, 2021 at 8 pm is designed to inform and empower parents in the highly digital age we live in.

Paul Davis, a world-renowned expert on internet safety, will be talking about topics such as Snapchat, Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook,Smartphone and digital trails. He will also speak about cyberbullying,texting, image sharing, online gaming and online security.

Interested participants must pre-register using the link below.

Internet Safety Workshop link

More information available in the attachment:

Internet Safety with Paul Davis


COVID-19 Update
As per the letter sent out last night from the Director of Education regarding COVID-19 enhanced Protocols, please read the following to ensure that you understand the process that will be followed moving forward until we receive different directions from the Ministry, Public Health, and the Board:

What Do I Do If My Child HAS/DEVELOPS SYMPTOMS?: If your child has a symptom that is found on the COVID-19 School Screening Assessment found here:  your child (and siblings) need to stay home.

Here is a list of the symptoms:

Fever and/or chills


Shortness of Breath

Decrease or lost taste/smell

Sore Throat

Runny/Stuffy/Congested Nose




Tiredness or Muscle Aches

Furthermore, if ANYONE in your household is staying home because of any symptoms (even just one), then EVERYONE in your household stays home and should isolate.

This isolation period for the symptomatic individual can end when ANY of the following happens:

  • There is a negative COVID-19 test
  • There is an alternative diagnosis from a doctor/medical professional
  • 10 days have passed since the symptom started and it has not gotten worse, however, the remainder of the household must isolate for 14 days after the last contact with the symptomatic individual

The isolation period for the asymptomatic family members can end when ANY of the following happens:

  • The negative test results are received and confirmed
  • There is an alternate diagnosis from a medical professional
  • 14 days have passed since the last contact with the symptomatic family member (if there is no test result or alternate medical diagnosis)

This is a change, Saints! Please know that this applies to our students, their siblings and their families as well as our staff and their families. This could present significant challenges over the course of the next few months and we thank you for your patience and support in advance.

In the meantime, please continue to practice proper handwashing, sanitizing, masking and social distancing so that we can work together to keep everyone safe, healthy and in school.


If/When calling your child in ILL from school, please describe the symptom and let the office know which of the following you will seek:

  • A COVID-19 test
  • Going to the doctor, or
  • Self-isolating your family (siblings included)

STUDENT AND SIBLINGS may not return until the parent has confirmed one of the above to the office.

Please ensure that you are completing the SELF-ASSESSMENT EACH MORNING for EACH child. A reminder that if one of your children has a COVID symptom ALL siblings from the school must stay home as well.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the main office.

Be well, Saints! Stay Safe! Stay healthy!


Umbrella Project: March Theme: Autonomy

March at the Umbrella Project is focused on the skill that helps us think and do for ourselves, feel that our life is in our control and confidently make our own choices when faced with uncertain situations. This skill is Autonomy.

Who can help you with that goal? 

Autonomy doesn’t mean that we do whatever we want, whenever we want without any help, support or regard for others.  Healthy autonomy includes gathering information from those around us, weighing options and seeking out important relationships that eventually help us make self-directed decisions.  When your child has something they are hoping to achieve, help them reflect on who could help them with that goal.  Be careful to distinguish between “doing it for them” and “helping them learn to do for themselves”.

Take the simple example of a child who really wants to start wearing their new shoes with laces to school but needs to be able to tie them at school by themselves.

Self-directed goal: Learn to tie my shoes

Parent asks: Who can help you with that?

Child response: Mom or dad could show me on the weekend.  My older sibling or teacher could help show me again if I forget the first few times at school.

Relationships are so important in being able to learn and build on our autonomy and should be identified when working on your child’s independence. As a bonus, research shows that this question can help us think of others more positively, deepen our relationships and approach others more easily.

Dr. Jen explains why this question is so important. 

You’ve got this!

Dr. Jen, The Umbrella Project


Upcoming Important Dates

March – World Autism Month
Mar. 1- 15 – Virtual Book Fair for St. Clement School

Feb. 19 – March 30 – Tiny Homes – Lenten Promise school wide continues. Donate on CashOnLine

Monday, March 15th – Friday, March 19th– March Break Madness (details above)!!

Please note in last week’s weekly update, we indicated that Friday, March 12th as World Syndrome Day.  The actual day is annually recognized on March 21st.  Our school recognized it on Friday, March 12th.  Sorry for the confusion.


Here are some of the great things that happened this week at St. Clement School!

We had our Lenten Celebration on Monday

Today we celebrated “Mismatch Day” in honour of World Syndrome Day and to raise awareness about Down Syndrome

Hey Saints, Tomorrow is Mismatch Day!

In honour of World Syndrome Day and to raise awareness about Down Syndrome….we are having mismatch day tomorrow (Friday). Rock some odd socks, mismatched top and bottom….anything goes! #LotsOfSocks! #WorldDownSyndromeDay

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