Future Celtics: Grade 8 Information

Attention Grade 8 Students and Families:

Please see transition information from St. David Catholic Secondary School. Transitioning from a Saint to a Celtic is an exciting time!

The ‘Future Celtics’ link is the first pop up on the banner and easily found.



PD Day Tomorrow

Hello Saints Families,

Just a reminder that tomorrow (Friday, January 22) is a Professional Development Day for our educators across the Board. As such, teachers will not be hosting virtual classrooms/posting work for the day.

We hope you enjoy a wonderful day together as a family on Friday!

Thursday is Spirit Wear Day!

Just a reminder Saints, that tomorrow is spirit wear day! You can wear your Saints spirit gear or blue or gold, or both!

St. Isidore Virtual School Registration Jan. 26th – Jan. 29th

Attention Parents and Guardians,

I wish to provide a reminder for registering your child for the St. Isidore (virtual school). Registration opens on Jan. 26th and closes on Jan. 29th. If you wish for your child to transfer into the virtual school you must make your request during this time period. You can register by going to the WCDSB website and using the posted link. The link will not be open until the 26th.

Stay strong!

JK Registration at St. Clement

It’s time to register for Kindergarten at St. Clement!

For children born in 2017 (or 2016 who have not yet attended Kindergarten)

We are booking virtual appointments for parents between 9:00 am – 7:00 pm on Thursday, February 18, 2021!

Please call Mrs. Taylor Williams, our Administrative Assistant at 519-699-5271 or send an email: taylor.williams@wcdsb.ca to book your phone meeting!

After contacting the school to initiate the process, please click on this link to “Request an Account” and complete the online registration for your child: https://wcdsb.myontarioedu.ca/

Parent Instructions for Registering JK


Once the online registration has been completed, we require the following documents (you can either email them to Taylor or upload them to the online registration portal when prompted):

1) Your child’s Birth Certificate or proof of birth date
2) Proof of Home Address (We only accept a Utility Bill, Property Tax Bill, Cable/Phone/Internet Bill, Purchase/Rental/Lease Agreement, Bank Document)
3) Proof of Baptism/Baptismal Certificate (If you and/or your child are not Baptized, please contact the school before registering them online)

Thank you and we look forward to meeting our new Saints!

Virtual Code of Conduct

Good Monday Morning Saints,

Thank you to all Saints families and students who are engaging in the virtual learning platform. Please review the document below for important information regarding WCDSB’s virtual Code of Conduct to keep all learners safe during remote learning.

The following information is meant to outline the roles and responsibilities for both students and parents when working in a virtual learning environment. Each student is part of a Learning Management System approved by the Waterloo Catholic District School Board (i.e., Google Classroom). Through synchronous learning, students engage with their classroom teachers and classmates using either Google Meet or Microsoft Teams.

Parent / Guardian Expectations: Parents/Guardians are valuable partners in their child’s education. As we are navigating in a virtual learning environment, we recognize that although the expectations are similar, they may not be identical to those in a physical school setting.

  • The microphone and the chat feature are tools your child will access to support their learning.
  • When required, parents may act as a support. In order to honour the student learning journey, please allow your child to experience productive struggle by allowing them to do the thinking and complete their work independently.
  • Generally speaking, parents/guardians should not appear on camera or speak directly to the teacher or class during the synchronous learning times. Please do not unmute the microphone during instruction to ask a question or access the chat feature
  • According to our Board Procedure Memo around Communication Guidelines, please connect with the classroom teacher first should you have a question or concern
  • Please note that when an email is sent to your teen’s teacher, they will attempt to respond in a timely manner. Teachers will not respond during instructional time. Your patience is appreciated.

In any virtual learning environment described above, it is essential that students comply with the classroom expectations/norms that have been co-created to ensure the collective success of all.

Student behavior Expectations may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Treat others with dignity and respect in actions and words.
  • Participate, and actively engage, in the learning.
  • Respect the workspace of others during collaborative learning (e.g., not deleting, moving or making changes to the work of others).
  •  Always have the microphone muted, except when asked to have it turned on.
  • Have the camera turned on/off when directed by the classroom teacher.
  • Google Meet or Microsoft Teams links are NOT to be shared with others outside of the class by students. The teacher will invite others, not students.
  • The use of Google Hangouts is not permitted during school hours unless directed by the teacher.
  • Appropriate use of the chat feature such as asking questions, responding to the teacher when prompted, etc.
  • Any communication in the chat must consider using appropriate manners and appropriate language. The following are examples of unacceptable forms of communication as they negatively impact the moral tone of the school. Incidents involving any of the following will be immediately brought to the attention of administration. Parents will be notified, and progressive discipline will be used.

                  ○ Profanity

                  ○ Comments, images or actions that are either violent, racist, degrading or sexual in nature

                  ○ “Chat spamming” (the repetition of a word or line commonly used in gaming chats)

  • Focus on the learning and avoid distractions such as going to other websites unrelated to the learning taking place or playing video games. Open tabs should be related to the learning and directed by the teacher.
  • When cameras are on:

                  ○ the background setting should be considered (e.g., a neutral space). Consider using the “blur
background” feature.

                  ○ appropriate clothing is required just as it is in a physical school.

                  ○ others in the household should be aware that synchronous learning is taking place and that

at times, others may see or hear what is happening should the student need to turn on their
microphone and/or camera.

                  ○ behaviour is expected to resemble that which would be deemed acceptable in school (e.g.,
sitting up, raising a hand when wanting to share).

  • Synchronous learning shall not be recorded and/or shared by a student
  • Follow and apply the T.H.I.N.K. model, referenced in the Responsible Use of Technology consent form

Saints Update Jan. 18-22

Good afternoon Saints Families!

We hope that you are doing well, and that Saints are managing well during these challenging times. We have reached the end of week 2 for remote learning! Congratulations and thank you to everyone for your time, effort and perseverance. We all acknowledge this is a challenging format for students to learn in, and it takes a tremendous amount of support from parents and guardians. Thank you for your continued support and your ongoing patience and kind words are very much appreciated.

Saints continue to be dedicated to the work and parents continue to be flexible in adjusting to the new way of learning. Everyone should be proud of themselves as we know it’s not always easy.

We look forward to seeing the Saints in person soon!

PA Day – Friday, January 22, 2021.

Just a friendly reminder that we have a PA Day on Friday, January 22, 2021 where teachers will be engaged in assessment. Students will not be asked to log on this day as there is no school/remote learning for students on Friday.


The Umbrella Project: January theme: Resiliency: Help your child face their fears


Avoiding our fears may be the easiest road in the short term but doesn’t help us build resilience.  What we actually need is small, repeated exposure to the things that scare us.  Small successes over these fears over time help us slowly build the confidence to navigate the adversity.


Here’s an example from my family.  When my daughter was young she didn’t like to be the centre of attention.  This became glaringly obvious the day she wore a fancy dress to school for the first time in years, received at least 5 compliments in the first minute and proceeded to burst into tears and beg me to take her home.  It seemed like a small thing but it pushed a big fear button inside her.  Parenting dilemma…take her home to change or make her stay in a state of clear distress.


Actually there is a third choice.  We had time to go home and change but only with the following condition; she was going to have to work on being the centre of attention.  That was the deal.


I explained that life will present her with many similar circumstances and I want her to have the skills to deal with these situations.  While this current challenge was too big for her, we were going to choose smaller opportunities for her to practice.  She agreed and we have since helped her practice this skill in many contexts until she is now more comfortable when she finds herself pushed this way. In fact, last year she made it to the school finals for the speech competition.  A huge change from the girl crying in the hallway over some positive attention.


This is how resilience is built.  Not avoidance, not full immersion, but repeated small fears faced and defeated over time.


In this short, 2 minute video, I explain the importance of facing our fears.


You’ve got this!

Dr. Jen, The Umbrella Project



Stay Safe, Saints!

It’s Okay to not be Okay. There is help!

Dear Saints Families!

We are connecting with you to let you know that we are thinking of you. We understand that these times are exceptionally hard for parents with everything that needs to be juggled. Our staff are here to help so please do not hesitate to let your child’s teacher know if you need support. You can also call Mrs. Dafoe at the school! We are all here for you!

We are sharing this link to make you aware of what the WCDSB is doing to promote wellness.

Thank you for your continued support and for being such incredible partners in your child’s education!

Be well, Saints!

Synchronous Learning Connectivity Issues

Good morning, Saints!

We seem to be experiencing some widespread connectivity issues with our synchronous learning. We are receiving many reports of lagging, inability to hear and losing connections.

We have reached out for supports and hopefully as the day proceeds the issues will be resolved.

Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding.

Stay strong, Saints!

Ministry Update and School Reminder

Good evening, Saints!

You may have heard the Ministry provided an update this afternoon regarding COVID.  At this point, schools in Waterloo Region are scheduled to pivot back to face to face learning on January 25th.

Until then, as we navigate through the new process of Remote Learning, we ask that all parents/guardians treat Remote Learning like any other school day. With that said, the expectations are that students will be online, learning in the morning session and afternoon session.

We understand that things come up, appointments, sickness, etc. If this is the case and your child is not able to attend their Remote Learning sessions for the day or part of the day, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to call in the attendance and notify the office of the reason and the length of their absence.

Attendance has been outstanding and a big thank you to parents who have called in to inform the office of student absences!

Stay healthy, Saints!

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