Food Drive Appreciation

To all of our Parents/Guardians and Students:

The Food Bank of Waterloo Region has sent a thank you letter to St. Clement for your generous Food Drive donations. Please see the letter below.

Great job Saints!


It’s cold outside!

Hi Saints,

These famous lyrics are ringing true today! Just a reminder that the students are still going outside for 2 recesses and for the 40 minutes at lunch.  Also, we are still encouraging our teachers to take them outside at other points throughout the day.  This provides fresh air and a mask break for them.  Please dress for the weather!  It is definitely hat and mitt weather – even for the intermediates!  Today, we are under s SNOW-SQUALL WATCH!  According to reports, there could be significant snow in our area today and challenging driving conditions.  If this happens, please be safe when dropping off or picking up your children.  Use the crossing guards to safely cross the street.

Saints Reminders for the Week

Anti-bullying week:

Friendship/anti-bullying week – theme is Gathered to Become: Transforming Communities During Anti-bullying week.

WCDSB will be issuing social media challenges every day with the hashtag #becomingWCDSB and email:  Following completion of the week, WCDSB will work on an e-book from the submissions and one student submission will become the logo for a limited supply of Transforming Communities hoodies.

Here are the challenges for Saints:

Monday’s Social Media challenge:
What 3 myths are you aware of regarding bullying?


Tuesday’s Social Media Challenge:

Create a logo, poem, song or video that speaks to gathered to become/ anti-bullying week – hoodie promotion!


Wednesday’s Social Media Challenge:

Brainstorm your top 3 ways to safely connect in a pandemic to someone new


Thursday’s Social Media Challenge:

Post your top 3 safe ways to stand up to bullying


Friday’s Social Media Challenge:
Think of 3 new learnings from the week….and  Fill in the blank “I can

Friday will be wear Pink to support Friendships.


All week:

  1. Special Friendship prayers will be on the announcements every morning as followers of Jesus we are called to be peace makers.
  2. Classes will come up with an anti-bullying/Friendship message/ public service announcement that the classroom teacher will post on the announcements.
  3. Staff will recognize acts of kindness. If a student has done something that is extremely kind, staff will add it to the class Kindness Tree that has been designed by each class. Can’t wait to see how full our trees can get!


Progress Reports and Student/Parent/Teacher Conferences:

As previously communicated, Progress Reports will be sent home on Friday, November 20th. Teachers will be conducting virtual or phone interviews between Tuesday, November 24th and Thursday, November 26th.  Please note the WCDSB statement, which will be found on all reports: “This reporting period reflects learning that has occurred in a modified learning environment as required by the provincial public health guidelines. As a result, the rate of progress described on this report card may differ from previous years due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19 on student learning. Ongoing communication with your child’s teacher will provide additional information pertaining to student progress throughout the term.”

Your child(ren)’s teacher will be in touch with you soon to schedule the conference times.  Please stay tuned to the Google Classroom for information on when and how your child’s conference will take place.  Please know that as always, we endeavour to accommodate you in terms of your work schedules, sibling conferences, and other aspects of “life” that tend to get in the way.  We will work with you to schedule conferences at a time that is convenient for you.

PD Day – Monday, November 23, 2020

Please mark your calendar and be reminded that there is no school for students on Monday, November 23rd, as this is a Spiritual Development PA Day for WCDSB staff.  As a result, Extended Day Programs are also closed for this day.

Friday Fun Days

Friday Fun Days are back! I have collected the suggestions from each class to see what they would like to do for theme days on Fridays. Some students told me that they would like some of the theme days repeated (like pajama day…they really like that one!). Next Friday will be wear pink in support of peace and Friendship for our Friendship/anti-bullying week as our first Friday Fun Day theme day. More information will be communicated to you by your child’s classroom teacher.


Important Dates:

Month of November – Saints “Book of Life” continue to send your child’s classroom teacher names of those who have departed so that we may honour the lives and pray for their souls.

Friday November 20 – Wear pink in support of peace and friendships

Monday November 23 – PD Day: Staff Faith Day – No school for students

Main Entrance Closure Tomorrow

Please Note: Our main door is closed again tomorrow (Friday) all day from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. All visitors, staff and students will be asked to avoid using the main entrance of the school tomorrow. If you are picking up your child or dropping something off, please use our alternative entrance at the right side of the school by the elevator entrance. Please buzz the office at that door and provide your name.
It will not affect extended day between 3:45-6:00PM – parents will be given access to buzz extended day and enter and exit the building at the main entrance.
Thank you for your cooperation!

Remembrance Day

Good Morning Saints,

November 11th is Remembrance Day. Today we remember and honour the women and men, both past and present who have served in our military to give us the freedom and peace we enjoy today. Their sacrifices make Canada a place we call home. Saints will be honouring the men and women that fought for our freedom through a virtual Remembrance Day assembly. Each class will be doing a presentation that will allow for reflection and gratitude followed by our moment of silence at 11 AM.

Throughout this year and in the years to come, let us honour the courage of the men and women we remember today and continue their fight for equality and freedom.

Weekly Reminders

Remembrance Day

On Wednesday, November 11th classes will have a virtual assembly and a moment of silence to reflect and remember the people who fought and lost their lives for us. This year in place of an assembly, we will be commemorating Remembrance Day on November 11th using virtual platform. We will begin after first recess, where students and staff will listen to our own students take us through a commemorative ceremony and one minute of silence.  Our JK/SK students (Ms. Kirby, Ms. Robles, Ms. Good) are doing a book reading “God’s Dream”, JK/SK (Ms. DeLeo) are doing a poem “Hug O War” and song “Wonderful World”, Grade 1 (Ms. Hehn) is dong a choral reading of poem “Poppy, Poppy What Do You Say “Grade 2 (Ms. Kittel) is doing the song “Highway of Heroes” followed by a poem, Grade ¾ (Mr. Soobir/Ms. Vecchio) are doing “What is Peace/” where students depicted peace through art/writing, Grade 4/5 (Ms. Dunn) is doing “In Flanders Field” (poem and art), Grade 5/6 (Ms. Spiak) is presenting a prayer for Remembrance Day, Grade 7 (Ms. McCartney) are doing a visual presentation in the form of a slideshow and Grade 7/8 (Mr. Ouellette) are coordinating the one minute of silence with the playing of trumpets at 11 AM.

Book of Life

St. Clements will once again do a “Book of Life” for All Souls Day (Nov. 2) again this year but virtually. And so for the month of November students and staff may submit names of those that have departed. Our faith gives us strength to remember loved ones, community members, and honour the lives of people who have departed through prayer. It is a way to pay our respects We will remember those resting in peace as a prayer intention on our announcements. In lieu of forms sent home as per past practice, during COVID, classroom teachers will be following up with communicate to you via their platform.

New Furniture/ Generous Donation: Natasha Martin and Family

New furniture was purchased for the school chairs, stools and student “rocking chairs”.  Some of the new furniture was not allowed to be put out and was put into storage because it was not compliant with COVID regulations (i.e., Café tables with bar stools -distancing issues). 2 Standing desks were also purchased and paid for by the Martin family. We are deeply appreciative to Natasha Martin and her family for their generous donation.

Dressing for the outdoors

I hope you were as excited as I was to see the snow on the ground on Monday! We are so blessed to live in Canada where we get to receive God’s gift of seasons. However, the white snow is also a good time to remind everyone of a few essentials when coming to school in the wet, snowy weather. Please make sure to have a pair INDOOR SHOES. We will be changing our shoes when we come inside the classrooms so that we can help to keep our spaces clean and dry. Wet socks make for a long day!

Please make sure to wear a HAT and MITTENS! We will be outside for recesses including the 40 minutes at lunch. Dress warmly! Please bring a jacket or coat. It is so important to dress appropriately for the weather and know that we WILL be outside on days like today.

As always, we do not throw snow at each other and we leave the snow on the ground. We have gone over this during announcements.

Dress warmly, Saints!

Cancellations/Bus Information

Seeing the snow on Monday, it is a good idea to review cancellation notices and where to find them. For up to date information on school closures and bus cancellations, visit our School Board website at and click on the “CANCELLATIONS” link on the right hand side.

The other online location for cancellation news is Click on the STORM CENTRE button in the top right hand corner. Bus cancellation notices affecting our school will be given out between 6:45am and 8:30am to the following media resources:

CHYM FM 96.7                                                  OLDIES AM 1090

KOOL FM 105.3                                                  DAVE FM 107.5

FAITH FM 94.3                                                   THE BEAT FM 91.5

If morning bus routes have been cancelled, they are cancelled for the day. If you bring your chid(ren) to school, you are responsible for picking them up at the end of the school day.

In the case of Early School Dismissal, bus student may be dismissed at any time during the school day as determined by the Student Transportation Services. Non-bus students will be dismissed only at normal dismissal times, either at lunch or end of the school day.

In all cases, we will be handling the dismissal of each child based on the information you provided to us at the beginning of the school year. Please notify the office immediately when there is a change to be made to your early dismissal instructions.

The Umbrella Project

Educating and preparing children for their future involves developing skills necessary for them to achieve their full potential. It is important to develop a child’s emotional well-being skills as well as their literacy and numeracy skills.

Students enjoyed a virtual assembly about this month’s skill, Grit, which will give students the opportunity to begin to develop these skills of emotional wellbeing, and ultimately lead a happier and more successful life. Grit isn’t just about perseverance. Passion for your goals goes a long way in helping you stick with something long term. The guru of grit, Angela Duckworth, has found that introspection isn’t going to give your kids the passion they need for developing grit.  They can’t just sit around thinking about what they care about. To truly follow the path of passion and purpose they need to get out there and try lots of different stuff. This will allow them to really understand what motivates them, what gets them out of bed in the morning and down the road, this is one of the most important bits of sustained grit.  We’ve all had the experience of thinking we would love a sport, subject or job much to our dismay when we actually get a chance to try it and find it’s not what we thought it would be.

When you see an opportunity for your child to try something new, jump on it.  Let action be their guide in finding that long term goal, job or pursuit they can really get behind.  Take time to debrief with them after new experiences so you can support them in doing more of what they are passionate about. You can watch a short video here:

You are invited to follow along with your child’s learning journey for each new skill by going to The Umbrella Project website and subscribe to the weekly newsletter to receive information, stories, challenges and tips about fostering the skills your child is focusing on in class. Caregivers have a powerful impact on childhood wellbeing and your participation will help to deepen your child’s understanding of these important skills.

School Picture Day – Friday, November 27th

We have been given the green light to move ahead with school photos. We are pleased to announce that Lifetouch is coming on Friday, November 27th to take individual pictures of students and staff. There will not be any class photos, just individual student photos and they will be standing to reduce surface contact. We will have one class in the gym at a time and Lifetouch has clearly defined safety protocols that will be followed . Please see the Lifetouch video

which shows the steps they are taking to ensure Picture Day is safe for everyone.

Students Leaving School Property for Lunch

Please be reminded that, if students leave school for lunch, they may only go to their own home. Students are not permitted to leave the school at lunch to go to the plaza, to a friend’s house, etc. Requests for such outings will not be approved. The reason for this rule is to reduce the contacts students have over the lunch hour and for contact tracing.

Thank you, Parents

Just a quick thank you, parents, for your ongoing support of our school during this global pandemic. We have made it through two months of school with a unified focus on health and safety, well-being, and learning. We appreciate your patience and support of our staff as we adapt to the times we are in and reinvent our jobs so we can keep your children safe and happy while continuing to deliver a high-quality educational experience. We are so very grateful for the strong home-school partnership we have with you!

Important Dates:

  • Thursday November 12 – Spirit Day – wear blue, yellow or spirit wear
  • 11th – Remembrance Day Virtual assembly


Child Wellness

Your child/teen’s mental health is important to us, just like it is to you.  There are proactive things we can do to promote wellness in spite of the stress and uncertainty of the pandemic. We hope you can use the attached flyer as a starting point to talk to your child/teen(s) about where to go for help if they are struggling.  You can learn more how to promote wellbeing and a wide range of supports and resources at the WCDSB Mental Health and Wellness webpage at everything that weighs you down is yours to carry alone. (1)

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