What an Outstanding First Week of School, Saints!

Aside from the masks and some new health and safety routines, it really does seem like we are back to normal. Students are beginning to get used to the “new normal” at school. We are so happy to see students once again.

Thank you…

Ms. Piellusch, administrative assistant, who has worked hard this week in preparing school start up. We greatly appreciate all that she has done. While you won’t be able to see her face to face you will hear her smile through the phone should you need to call the Main office. Thank you, Ms. Piellusch!

Special thanks for our custodian team, Ms. McGivern and Mr. Barker. The school is looking fantastic and squeaky clean! COVID and renovations increased the workload for our custodians exponentially; so much to clean and so much additional furniture to remove from classrooms. It is no small feat to keep a rapidly growing community moving forward. We are truly grateful for Ms. McGivern and Mr. Barker for all they do to support the St. Clement community on a daily basis.

Thank you to all of the St. Clement staff who have put a tremendous amount of energy and care into providing the safest learning environment for every student this year. There are so many changes to consider, and regulations to follow, and to be honest…we don’t really like them all. But we know these are the things we need to do to keep everyone safe, and that is the most important factor to consider as we move forward this year.

I also want to THANK YOU to the many parents of our community – your support and patience is appreciated. Thanks for all of the positive feedback. Your smiles and trust in our efforts, make all of the challenges easier to navigate.

Thank you to the students what an absolutely wonderful group of children.  I have witnessed numerous examples of students who are have gone out of their way to be kind and including others in everything they are doing.  This all happens because as parents you have set the example.  It is certainly a special community.

It has been a wonderful week as we have welcomed back our family! The main goal for our face to face learners so far has been to provide a safe environment and rebuild our amazing sense of community and connection. Together, we will accomplish amazing things!

School Open House/ Renovation Celebration

As you have seen on the Twitter pictures, the school renovations are amazing and the feedback from students is very positive as well! I wanted to ‘celebrate’ the school re-opening, however, COVID health and safety regulations have prevented us from this. Just as everything has a new normal, so will be the meet the teacher/open house night. We are going to do a virtual meet with parents/students! Parents will have the opportunity to meet their child’s teacher and virtually tour the classroom. Your classroom teacher will be communicating further information about this night.


Yard boundaries

Please see the attached aerial map for a visual of where students will be assembling during recesses in order to maintain physical distancing and cohort bubbles. In keeping with Ministry of Health regulations, we are providing opportunities for our students to socialize on the yard within their assigned boundary with same grade friends in the yard zones. This map has been posted in your child’s classroom and is reviewed with staff members. Your child’s safety is important to us, and so is their ability to socialize on the yard while maintaining proper physical distancing measures.

Recess Cohorts

Important Chromebook Information

Chromebook Return

If your child has returned for in-school learning, please return your borrowed Chromebook and charger cables as soon as possible.

Have your child bring the device to the Library/ Learning Commons.

Your speedy response on this matter is appreciated.

Chromebook Pick-Up

Students attending St. Isidore Remote-Learning, who indicated that they required a Chromebook on the survey will be contacted to set up a pick-up time slot.


Extended Day Care

Please remember to fill out your child(ren)’s COVID-19 screening sheet everyday for them to come to extended day program.  COVID SELF  ASSESSMENT As well, please sign-in as a Visitor and use hand sanitation upon entering the building. https://covid-19.ontario.ca/self-assessment/


All things considered, we had a great week! Your kids are awesome and we have missed them so much. I know that there are still lots of questions, but we are working together to make this year the best we can. We are looking out for your child’s safety and well being with each and every step of planning. We are working hard to make things right and am so thankful for your patience.

Enjoy your weekend and thanks, as always, for your kind, understanding support.

We look forward to seeing our Grade 7 and 8 Saints tomorrow!!

At last…our family will be one again!

We are so excited to welcome our intermediate students back to the Saints home! It will be so wonderful to have all of our students back in our community.


Yearbook/ Grade 8 Composite Update:

We have received the Yearbooks and the Grade 8 composites. More information to follow about the distribution.

Welcome back Grade 5 and 6!

This morning we welcomed our grade 3 and 4 students for their first full day of school…and it was AWESOME!!!! Having kids back in the building has been energizing for all staff. Tomorrow, we look forward to welcoming back our grade 5 and 6 friends as well.


As we work our way through the week, we will continue to refine, and communicate as efficiently as possible, a number of school procedures. We apologize in advance for the timing and frequency of these communications; however, the day is busy and it is not possible for us to send you this amount of detailed information while we are on the ground running. Thank you for your understanding.

Parents, we want to thank you for working with us as we navigate these new systems. You have been incredibly supportive and we couldn’t do this without you! You have had so much to read and figure out over the last few weeks. We will keep the information coming and may need to tweak things as we go.


Kindly remember to do the COVID-19 Self Assessment before you come to school each day!



Looking forward to having all of the Saints ‘back home’ by Friday! Go Saints!

Tuesday September 8th Updates


The first day of school for the 2020-2021 school year has arrived! We are so excited to welcome back all of our returning students and staff and thrilled to welcome our newest Saints!

Thank you to the many parents of our Grade 1 and 2 students! You did a great job today staying distanced and helping to ensure the safety of all. I know full well that it is hard to let go of that little hand and send them off to school, but you did it! We are proud of you too!

The day is going very well so far. Our staff is working hard to ensure that all hands are sanitized on the way in the building, social distancing is being respected and that students are wearing masks. They are doing a great job.

Please know that we would ask for all students to complete the COVID-19 Self Assessment each day before coming to school. It can be found here  COVID Test

As we begin the craziest start of school…ever! No matter what, a positive attitude and a whole lot of gratitude will get us through this first week together.


We look forward to welcoming our Grade 3 and 4 students tomorrow!

Start Up Information

Hey Saints!


We hope this communication finds everyone well! It has been a summer (and year) like no other. Our September startup will also be quite unique. We have been presented with challenges and uncertainties, yet we are working as a team to provide the best startup as possible for our awesome St. Clement students. They deserve only the best!

Minor finishes to the main entrance, fencing and the gym renovations continue to be completed outside of school hours. The school is safe and ready to receive staff and students. The grand opening/ renovation celebration that was planned for the school will be postponed until further direction from the board / ministry / public health. Please follow our Twitter feed for pictures of the beautiful new school. So excited for the students to see this special space that they will grow and learn in.

Please read this message in its entirety.

  • Attached here is the WCDSB protocol of the steps we will take in the event your child is feeling unwell at school Student Illness
  • By now you will have received communication regarding your child’s teacher. Please note that due to the uncertainty of September, the teacher your child will be report ng to in the first days/weeks may change due to enrolment and direction at the Board level.  Those changes can not happen at this point.
  • Please find our school Information Sheet 2020 2021  that includes information about school start times/recess times along with our staff list.
  • The schedule for the first week is as follows: (If your child is in a combined class they will attend on their grade’s day.)
  • Tuesday – JK Visits, Grade 1,2
  • Wednesday – SK’s, Grades 1,2,3,4
  • Thursday – SK’s, 1/2 JK, Grades 1,2,3,4,5,6
  • Friday – SK’s, 1/2 of JK, Grades 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
  • The Ministry of Education has mandated masks for all students in grades JK to eight. This will be reinforced by all staff and parents will be contacted if this routine is not followed by students. Parents are asked to send extra labeled masks to avoid lost items in a Ziploc bag or other type of sealed/protected carrier.
  • All classrooms will also be on a web platform moving forward – Google Classroom or D2L.  Homework, important dates, information, and events will be posted on the Classroom Google/D2L websites.  This will be your tool for communication between you and your child’s teacher along with phone calls as necessary.  This will allow you to review all classroom and school information at your fingertips. Please talk with your child’s teacher and child if you have any concerns about accessing their online classroom.
  • Communication to our Virtual learners at St. Isidore School will still be communicated via Newswire as per the board directive, as these learners are still attached to St. Clements as their “home school”. In order to avoid confusion, any Newswires sent specifically for St. Isidore/Virtual learners will be clearly labeled in the title of the Newswire.
  • You will find this Map of transporation that shows the designated “kiss and drop” off areas for our students (Church street) along with the new bus arrival area for St. Clement School (Charles Street). Please encourage your son/daughter to walk to school independently where age-appropriate.

    If your child(ren) arrive by bus, staff will assist them in finding their location on the first day of school.  Busing information has been developed by Student Transportation Services including assigned seating, COVID protocols, and schedules.  Please log into STSWR for further details. Extended day students attending in the morning will also be supported.



    If your child requires medication to be taken at school, please contact the office so that appropriate forms can be sent home.


    If your child has an Epi-Pen, we ask that they supply the school with two. One to be kept in the office and the other with the child.


    If your child has an inhaler/puffer please have them keep it in their backpack so it can be brought to school everyday.
    For the safety of our students, the school parking lot is closed in the mornings from 8:35 am – 9:10 am and again from 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm. We ask that you do not use our staff parking lot.  If it is absolutely necessary to drive your child to school, we ask that you park on a neighbouring street.  There is  parking available on side streets. Please ensure that you are aware of / obey all traffic signs to avoid being ticketed.

    The staff at St. Clement School greatly appreciates your support and attention to these details. Together we will unite our school providing a learning environment where all children feel accepted and safe. Please continue to review our newswire updates as we continue to keep everyone updated.   Our teaching staff is looking forward to seeing all our incredible students soon!


    God Bless!


    Your excited 2020 St. Clement Staff

Special Message from the Administrator Team at St. Isidore Virtual Learning School

Dear Parents and Caregivers:

Welcome to St. Isidore K-12 Virtual Learning School. We are excited to work with you this year and are looking forward to many exciting learning opportunities.  Currently, we are reaching out to update you on our Elementary and Secondary Virtual Learning. We know there are many questions, and we will try to address some of them here. Our school website is currently under construction on the https://www.wcdsb.ca/site and will provide you with more information once complete.    

St. Isidore students will be assigned to a qualified WCDSB teacher and will be with other same grade children in a Virtual Learning classroom. This class will have its own digital learning platform (either D2L or Google Classroom) and instruction will occur online through asynchronous and synchronous learning opportunities. The amount of time students will spend in Virtual Learning will be equal to the same amount of time as students who chose in-person learning (approximately 300 minutes/day). Students in both Elementary and Secondary will ‘attend’ school daily between 8:30 am and 3:00 pm. It is expected that students in the Virtual Learning Model participate every day; attendance will be monitored and recorded.  

Ontario curriculum will be taught, assessed and evaluated according to Ministry of Education Curriculum documents and following Growing Success: Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting in Ontario Schools. St. Isidore teachers will provide synchronous learning opportunities which will include a combination of whole class instruction, individual or small group support (video conferencing via Google Meet / Teams, phone calls, etc.), student presentations, mini-lessons and content/skill-based instruction, as appropriate.  

Children who have IEPs or are English Language Learners will continue to be supported and your child’s home school Special Education and ESL staff will work with St. Isidore staff to create or update IEPs and individualized learning plans for students requiring support. Guidance, and social work support will also be provided via your child’s home school.  

Over the next few days, we will continue to staff St. Isidore and create class lists. We have approximately 3100 students selecting the Virtual Learning option and as such this process takes time. During the week of September 8 – 11 teachers will be reaching out to the students in their classes to introduce themselves. Staff will seek to ensure that all students have the necessary technology to support the virtual learning and that they can access the Learning Platforms so that we can begin creating classroom communities. Classes for Elementary students will begin on September 14th, and our secondary students will begin classes on September 17th.   

Once again, we look forward to the opportunity to learn with your children, and we appreciate your patience as we work to ensure a strong start to the coming year.   

Your Administration Team, 

Carla Santomero, Principal

Dawn Butson , Elementary Vice Principal

David Jaeger, Secondary Vice Principal

Important Information Regarding Class Lists

Hi Saints,

I know that you are eager to find out who your teacher is for the 2020-2021 school year.

I have been informed by the board that we are experiencing technical difficulties and that this information can not be generated right now. I apologize for the delay but rest assured that the information will come your way as soon as it possibly can.  The board has indicated that this may have to be done manually in which case some grades will find out sooner than others. Stay tuned…

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

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