Today is a Provincial Day of Mourning for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  Since the death of the Queen, there has been much discussion around the world, including here in Ontario, regarding fitting gestures in communities and schools to mark the passing of a Sovereign who has served the Commonwealth, and as Canada’s head of state, for seven decades.

At the direction of the Ontario government, we will honour the Queen with a moment of silence at 1:00 pm.  At St Clement, we will also provide each class with “Tea Time with the Queen”.  Each class will have an opportunity to learn about her life, her goals, her likes and dislikes, and have a biscuit while doing it.  (gluten-free/dairy free is available)

In our ongoing attempt to live our mission and be “a place for all” we hold space for both our continued action on Truth and Reconciliation, equity and inclusion, and a dignified recognition of the woman who so selflessly gave to our nation; our Queen.

We look forward to learning more about Queen Elizabeth II as a person, and a monarch and the issues that this may raise.