The St Clement C.E.S.  makes every effort to ensure that schools and facilities are safe and secure environments for students, staff, and visitors.  At St Clement school, we place great importance on students, families, the community and staff knowing their responsibilities during a school emergency and creating safe conditions for all.

Safe Arrival & Dismissal-All students who are late must report to the Main Office. If students are to be signed out, we ask that parents call the Office and leave a note for the teacher in the student’s Agenda. Students will be dismissed from the Main Office.

Safely Walking To & From School-We are asking to change the current practice a wee bit. We will be enforcing the no parking in the school parking lot for drop off and pick up. Can we also please stop walking in the middle of the street and/or in the parking lot? This is very dangerous. You may notice some caution tape beside the sidewalk. We are encouraging parents and children to walk on the sidewalk rather than on the yard or the street. Parent, please meet them on the side of the sign/flag, rather than at the church, as this would require them to walk into the road.

Fire Drills, Lockdown & Tornado Drills-Waterloo Catholic District School Board has established emergency procedures in every school building.  So far this year we have practised three fire drills and we will practice lockdown and tornado drills in the coming weeks. 

Extended Day Arrival & Dismissal-Please know that we are looking at creating new and improved access for Extended Day friends that is closer to the program. Until the new system is put in, all Extended Day friends must enter and be dismissed through the Main Door.