Thought for the Week: Be a GOOD HUMAN BEING…a warm-hearted, affectionate person-Dali Lama

  • Chromebooks have been redistributed.
  • This week we are celebrating the Feast of St Clement and focusing on  Bullying Awareness
  • Congratulations to the amazing Boy’s Volleyball Team and Mrs Alvarez. You played amazing and we are very proud of you all. Way to Go Boys!!
  • We are starting some amazing small groups with our Child & Youth Care Worker. There is a Primary Lego Club, a Nature Club for Grades 4, 5 & 6 Boys and a Girls Lunch Club for Grades 7 & 8
  • Parent Action Item: We want to know how we are doing. During the Progress Report Conferences, please take a moment to complete our Fall Report Card either electronically or by paper copy. This will be distributed on the evening on November 24, 2022.

This Week at a Glance:

    • Monday, November 21 – Focus: Awaken to Building New Friendship
      • Progress Reports and Communication of Learning are distributed.
    • Tuesday, November 22 –  Awaken our Capacity for Empathy
      • Our Director Tyrone Dowling visits
      • Grade 7 & 8 Girls Lunch Club
    • Wednesday, November 23 – Awaken your Listening Ear
      • Feast of St Clement Mass 10:30 (parents are welcome
      • Turkey Lunch
      • Grade 8 Evening at St David’s
    • Thursday, November 24- Awaken our Ability to Engage in Conflict Resolution
      • Progress Report Conferences 3:40-8:00 pm
      • Phot Retake Day
    • Friday, November 25 – Awaken to Building New Friendships
      • Pizza Day

Winter Weather Reminders 

Winter weather has arrived and most students had lots of fun in the snow this past week. It would be helpful if you could remind your child about the snow expectations we have at school.

  1. The Playground Structures are closed
  2. No balls are allowed out in the cold weather
  3. The snow stays on the ground; no throwing snow, ice, etc.
  4. Clothing – if you want to be crawling, rolling, etc. in the snow you should have boots with snow or splash pants on. Make really good choices about wet and cold! 
  5. Building of forts and structures must be done in an inclusive caring manner, no one can be excluded, and no one owns the snow; at the same time – thou shalt not steal! We build but we do not break other people’s work:)
  6. Climbing on or over the hills of plowed snow is not permitted. 
  7. Sliding on ice patches is not permitted.
  8. Please brush off and kick off the snow before coming inside.

It is imperative for safety that students have a pair of inside shoes for safety. Now that the colder weather has arrived, the halls are often wet, and boots and socks will become wet quickly. Also, it can get very cold in the yard during recess times with the open field.  Please be sure to have extra hats, mittens, and socks packed in your child’s backpack.  Students are outside for two 15-minute recess breaks and a 40-minute lunch recess.  This can feel very long if not properly dressed. Please check the weather before school to be prepared.

In the colder winter months, depending on the severity of the weather there are times that we shorten our time outside or do not go out at all.

  • When the temperature is between -20°C and -27°C students will not be outside longer than 15 minutes.
  • When temperatures are colder than -27°C, students remain inside

This year, the cancellation of buses does not automatically indicate that schools will be closed. The decision to close schools due to inclement weather is a separate decision from buses. Please be sure to monitor our newswire before school on days when winter conditions may indicate buses could be cancelled or that schools are closed. 

⭐Please mark your calendar with these important dates:

    • Wednesday, November 23 – Feast of St Clement Mass (Families are Welcome)  & Celebration Lunch (Cash Online)
    • Wednesday, November 23- Grade 8 Evening at St David’s – Please go check it out!!
    • Thursday, November 24 – Photo Retake Day
    • Monday, November 28: Girls Basketball Tournament
    • Thursday, December 1- Grades 6, 7 & 8 go to St David’s to see Shrek!
  • December 5,6 & 9  ESQube Mobile Workshops from the University of Waterloo will present to Grades 1-8
  • Tuesday, December 6 – CSAC Meeting #3
  • Friday, December 16 – Christmas Liturgy & Umbrella Assembly Celebrate Grit & Intro Self Compassion
  • Wednesday, December 21– Christmas Pagent and Innovation Buddy Song Fest (Parents Invited)
  • Tuesday, January 17, CSAC Meeting #3
  • February 21– Pancake Tuesday (volunteers needed)
  • February 2 – Grade 4 go to Tiny Homes & Mass
  • February 16 – Grade 5 go to Tiny Homes & Mass
  • February 22 – Ash Wednesday Liturgy
  • February 23 – Grade 6 go to Tiny Homes & Mass
  • March 7 – CSAC Meeting #4
  • April 11 – CSAC Meeting #5
  • May TBD – CSAC FOS Meeting #6
  • May 5 – Mission Day (volunteers needed)

A Clementine Blessing

May God,
who sees all things,  and who is the Ruler of all spirits
and the Lord of all the living—who chose our Lord Jesus Christ,
and through him chose us to be a people for his own possession—
grant to every soul that calls on his glorious and holy name,
faith, peace, patience, long-suffering, self-control, purity, and sobriety,
to the glory of his name, through our High Priest and Protector,
Jesus Christ, to whom be glory, and majesty, and power, and honour,
both now and forever.

Source: Clement of Rome (c. 96)