We need to ensure that the children are safe.

Starting in January, only children in Grades 7 & 8 will be able to sign out on their own at lunch. 

It has always been our practice/policy that if a child signs out or you have signed the lunch dismissal permission they are gone the entire lunchtime and return for 12:30.

This has not been the case lately, students are bringing in notes and coming and going at all times and we are unable to have a clear account for their attendance.

We are also seeing children trying to cross the busy Lobsinger Road and hanging out at the plaza with no supervision.

If parents would like to sign out younger children (FDK-Grade 6), we ask that you follow the regular sign-in and out procedures to pick them up and drop them off.

We appreciate your anticipated cooperation to keep everyone safe and supervised.

Please note, that if you have already completed the School Cash Online lunch permission form for your child, those arrangements will remain.